23/05/2016 – Futuretex — auf Deutsch lesen

Mtex: Industry 4.0 in the textile industry

Futuretex is poised to present the four basic projects exploring fundamental aspects of the fourth industrial revolution in the textile industry.  

Textile industry, ready for Industry 4.0 (Photo: W. Schmidt)

Textile industry, ready for Industry 4.0 (Photo: W. Schmidt)


“Smart Factory”, for example, is championing the development of processes and structures for the creation of smart factories in the textile industry and applications associated with the Industry 4.0 drive.

The “Mass Customisation” project focuses on strategies for sustainable supply chain networks. “Open Innovation” is all about developing and initiating Open Innovation Networks with a view to unlocking innovative potential in the industry.

In the “World of Work 4.0”, the consortium is devising a concept that safeguards and promotes the full potential of the workforce through job engineering and honing expertise, whilst taking into account the complex reqiurements of Industry 4.0. Futuretex is one of ten consortia receiving funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the framework of the “Twenty20 – Partnership for Innovation” programme.

On the final day of the fair, 2 June 2016, Futuretex is staging an information event at the exhibition centre to shed light on the four basic projects and other ventures.

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