19/11/2019 – Top 10 – Innovations 2019 — auf Deutsch lesen

A teaching robotic jacket

Several new technotextile developments hit the headlines during this year of big trade fairs. One of our Top 10 developments is from the Wearables.


With the help of Wandelbots, even Saxony’s Minister-President Michael Kretschmer could show a robot the ropes. © Wandelbots


Particularly successful start-ups launch their developments at exactly the right time, and sometimes find it challenging to cope with the deluge of orders. This more or less describes the situation of Dresden-based Wandelbots which connects the IT world with intelligent technical textiles. The company’s wearables are fitted with sensors, enabling pretty much any member of staff to program robots with no knowledge of IT. Donning the sensor jacket, their movements are simply transferred to the learning technology through the company’s software. Online portal The Business Insider is in raptures: “A start-up from Saxony has found the solution to one of the biggest problems faced by VW, Tesla and the colleagues.” Indeed, the pressure on programming generated by the push on Industry 4.0 and digitalisation is a definite challenge on resources. It is costing industry both time and money, whilst external experts are struggling to keep up with the workload. Recruiting 60 staff in a matter of months, Wandelbots is currently working on similar robotic solutions for household and care roles.