07/09/2021 – Sustainable Balance Range collection — auf Deutsch lesen

Carrington Textiles with new fabrics in autumn

Workwear fabric manufacturer, Carrington Textiles, is set to launch seven new fabrics for its Balance Range collection of sustainable products this autumn.


Other new names to be added to Carrington Textiles’ Balance Range include Kielder, Delamere and Rivington. © Shutterstock


Two of these are Hawksbill and Orca, both at a weight of 245gsm, 2/1 twill and crease resist finish as standard for smarter appearance, these fabrics incorporate CiCLO recycled polyester and responsibly sourced cotton.

CiCLO is a sustainable textile ingredient in the form of an additive that is combined with polyester at the very beginning of the fibre making process. When CiCLO Polyester ends up in the environment either through washing or end of life of the garment, it behaves like natural fibres, in turn reducing microplastic pollution and textile accumulation.

  • Hawksbill’s composition includes 65% of CiCLO recycled polyester and 35% organic cotton.
  • While Orca features 26% recycled CiCLO fibres, 39% CiCLO recycled polyester and 35% BCI cotton.

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