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Summer 2021: „The Beauty of Function“

The next Performance Days shows that beauty is also applicable to functional fabrics, making them a “must have” in the textile industry.


The next Performance Days shows that beauty is also applicable to functional fabrics, making them a “must have” in the textile industry. © Performance Days


Functional fabrics can be so beautiful!

On May 08 to 09th, 2019, the pioneering trade fair for the sports and fashion clothing industry presents the latest functional fabrics, accessories, and materials at the fair grounds of Messe München. Over the last 10 years, the Performance Days trade fair has developed into the leading trade fair for the industry. After further expanding and relocating in November 2018, the fair takes place for the second time at Messe München, with approx. 300 exhibitors, this time in Hall C6.

Major Topic for the Future: Beauty and function go hand in hand!

The trade fair organizers have once again put together an extremely exciting and contemporary Focus Topic, which for the collections of summer 2021, translates to “The Beauty of Function.” It is precisely this topic that will drive the textile industry in the future. The beauty of the fabrics, with their aesthetics, extraordinary looks, special finishes, and sensual feel, calls up emotions – both for the people that wear them and for the people who meet them. Functional fabrics, especially, those that perform even under extreme conditions are predestined to show their beauty and permit the expression of joy and individuality. They have become indispensable in sportswear as well as fashion. As these markets continue to grow ever closer, Perfomance Days, as the leading trade fair for functional fabrics and accessories, offers the industry food for thought while acting as curator for the most important and most beautiful fabrics.

A stylish “plus” to fashion design

Functional fabrics and materials are not only suitable and necessary for sportswear: these fabrics are now so attractive, they are also giving a stylish “plus” to fashion design. The advantages of these fabrics can be appreciated almost anywhere; outdoors as well as in urban environments, for business clothing and for sportswear. The original DNA and the expertise for function comes from the field of sports. However, the benefits are now available to an ever-expanding clothing market – even for fashion lines.

The next Performance Days trade fair is committed to putting these “all rounders” in the spotlight and showing how functional fabrics are also able to easily satisfy the stylish aspects. They are functional as well as beautiful and can arouse emotions and the desire to wear them, feel them, laugh and dream in them. There is a reason that urban collections in the sport sector are currently the motor for the industry. Designs that are functional while at the same time beautiful in a fashion sense enjoy a particularly long life cycle and because they are worn as “favorites” they also contribute to sustainability.

Expert Talks

The informative Expert Talks on the second day of the fair also shed light on the Focus Topic. Designer Nora Kühner addresses this topic as part of her “quo vadis” lecture, too. Designer and performance director Graeme Raeburn also shares his perspective on this subject.

Visitors can expect many highlights

The fair in May is certain to be a highlight with nearly 300 exhibitors presenting their products. The spring trade fair quickly sold out of available exhibition space shortly after the conclusion of the November fair. The new exhibitor list is already published on the website. Admission is still free in the new exhibit location.

Performance Days

8–9 May 2019

Messe München Halle C6