14/05/2019 – Techtextil: Ettlin — auf Deutsch lesen

High-tech textile materials

At this year’s Techtextil from 14 to 17 May 2019, Ettlin AG is showcasing a special material at the pavilion for the German state of Baden-Württemberg.


New to Ettlin’s portfolio: Ring light made from Ettlin Lux © Ettlin


TransProof is a transparent and cooling textile that provides protection from the weather and dazzle from the sun. Designed with a dense structure, the textile is endowed with excellent shading properties as well as protection from damp and rain. At the same time, the architecture-grade textile is characterised by increased air permeability, guaranteeing cooling shade without the unwanted build-up of heat. Airy spaces remain light, whilst a special finish filters out certain wavelengths and reduces harmful UV rays. This fabric lends itself to awnings, sun shades and car ports.

The special textile known as Ettlin Lux uses LED light to create exciting three-dimensional effects. It is employed, among others, in architecture, stage productions and stand construction at trade fairs, for shop-fitting, ceiling and wall hangings and for presenting furniture and automotive interiors. A complete newcomer to the portfolio, the Matrix ring light has the special textile worked into it. Its dimensions, materials and strength can be adapted in line with the customer’s wishes.

Ettlin AG at the Ba.-Wü. Pavilion

Techtextil 14–17 May 2019, Frankfurt am Main

Hall 3.1, Stand D 81