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Mtex: „The better partner“

May 2016 — The German-Swiss company inspires its customers all over the world with versatile finishing solutions that result from constant optimization and continuous development of new and highly traditional technologies.

Product example Xetma (Photo: Xetma)

Product example Xetma (Photo: Xetma)


The innovative technology portfolio includes the following product lines: Soft Touch (Emerizing & Brushing, Plush Touch (Raising), Even Touch (Shearing), Level Touch (Carpet Shearing & Finishing), Clean Touch (Fabric Cleaning). With a wide range of applications in textile finishing for the technical textile industry, Xetma Vollenweider has concentrated on achieving unique surface effects true to the slogan “Feel the Touch“.

The high potential for innovation of technical textiles allows new fields of application. That is why Xetma Vollenweider has developed special and individual finishing solutions. The surface characteristics of technical textiles will improve significantly, inter alia through different cleaning systems. The production process is optimized and the quality of the final product is increased. www.xetma.com