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Techtextil/Texprocess 2015: SR Webatex

Flame retardant fabrics made from 100 percent renewable raw materials

SR Webatex GmbH, well known as a producer of high-quality technical textiles, presents quality high-end flame retardant fabrics made out of natural renewable fibres. Production meets the permanently rising demand for flame retardant fabrics for personal protection. Currently, products with a certain percentage of staple fibre viscose are available on the market. Until now products made out of cotton and cotton blends are used in the low-budget sector whereas synthetic fibres (aramides) and blends with natural viscose staple fibres are processed in the high price sector. The disadvantages of the fibres used in the high price sector are the costs, due to a market situation of high demand and low supply and the unsatisfactory moisture control, which has a bad impact on comfort.

The continuously increasing desire of the consumer for high wearing comfort motivated us to produce 100 percent flame retardant fabrics made of renewable raw materials which have not been available on the market until now. SR-Flameprotect consists of 100 percent viscose made by Glanzstoff Industries and has the following parameters: good till excellent strength values, good breathability, perfect wearing comfort, superb moisture control, high dyeability, smooth surface, liquid metal cannot get through. The newly developed high-tech fabrics fulfill a wide range of the EN standards.

[ www.sr-webatex.de]

[Techtextil, hall 3.1, booth G33]