10/10/2023 – Smartex “Fact”

Always take the factory with you

The future of knitting factories has arrived, and it comes in the form of Smartex “Fact” – a revolutionary digital factory management solution. Gone are the days of being tethered to the factory floor; now, the production can be overseen from anywhere, at any time, right from digital devices.


The “My Machines Page” provides in-depth, precise data about the performance of every machine powered with Smartex within the factory, including RPM speed and operating time. © Smartex.ai


Digital pocket factory: real-time notifications tailored to the priorities of the manufacturer. © Smartex.ai

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Smartex “Fact” is said to offer a lot of benefits for knitting manufacturers. It tackles inefficiencies and quality issues head-on by providing automated performance insights into machine data, roll production statistics, and quality. The platform even introduces a fast track option for Grade A rolls, streamlining the process and reducing the need for manual inspections. Automatic roll grading is a feature, allowing to define quality standards and automate the grading of knitted rolls based on defect severity. With Smartex “Core`s” AI-driven quality control, every roll undergoes automatic inspection, ensuring uniform quality standards. The platform`s digital factory page provides a comprehensive overview of factory operations, while the “My Machines Page” offers precise data on each machine`s performance, enabling fine-tuning for enhanced quality and productivity. Quality remains a top priority, and Smartex “Fact`s My Rolls Page” grants access to a month of production history, allowing for in-depth quality assessments. Real-time notifications keep manufacturers informed about machine-related issues, ensuring prompt decision-making. Gilberto Loureiro, Co-founder and CEO of Smartex.ai, stated: “Our new product takes manufacturing and quality control to the next level. With Smartex “Fact”, users will be able to know when rolls don`t meet the requested quality or when production issues arise. And with the platform being easily accessible via desktop or any smartphone, it is basically your textile factory in your pocket.” Smartex “Fact” is likely to reshape the textile industry with data-driven decision-making, improved efficiency, and elevated quality. Smartex.ai continues its tradition of pioneering solutions for the modern textile factory, setting the standard for the future of manufacturing.

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