Feraru Dynamics has integrated a vibration measurement system into a glove for protection against damage such as HAVS. © Feraru Dynamics

19/10/2021 – Project Bionic

Project Bionic

Sensor technology and AI for smart workwear

With the EU research project “Bionic”, concepts for a lightweight, wearable system for daily work routines are being devised and tested. By  Editorial staff

Artificial Intelligence can help Fashion Retailers in Demand Forecasting. Feroz Zaidi by Nagarro explains how it works. © Hitesh Choudhary/Unsplash

17/08/2020 – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Nagarro: What kind of clothes will the consumers buy?

Artificial Intelligence can help fashion retailers in demand forecasting. Feroz Zaidi by Nagarro explains how it works. By  Editorial staff