29/09/2017 – 15 years of Human Solutions — auf Deutsch lesen

Answers to questions of the future

What will a driver actually do when the vehicle is being controlled autonomously? How can we find garments that fit without trying them on?


“From the outset, we have devoted our solutions to digitization, a topic which is now on everyone’s lips,” says Dr. Andreas Seidl, founder and CEO of Human Solutions © Human Solutions


The companies of the Human Solutions Group answer these questions and more with their IT solutions. The Human Solutions GmbH, based in Kaiserslautern, has been shaping product development in the automotive and apparel industries for 15 years now. “From the outset, we have devoted our solutions to digitization, a topic which is now on everyone’s lips,” says Dr. Andreas Seidl, founder and CEO of Human Solutions. “Our goal is to involve the human being in the development of products as early as possible. In the automotive industry, the top 30 companies have been using our Ramsis digital human model for years to design their vehicle interiors.

The apparel industry is currently embarking on the digitization process, and our solutions are regarded as trend-setting in the industry, especially for the realistic 3D simulation of apparel. We offer the fashion sector solutions for the entire process chain, from the very first idea to design, production and the store.”

Setting and shaping trends

Human Solutions is an active company that not only strives to fulfil its customers’ requirements as fully as possible, but also to identify trends, shaping them and setting new standards. “We develop IT solutions that enable apparel industry companies to drive digitization for-wards in their own businesses,” explains Seidl. “One current example of this is our Virtual Reality Room: We recently developed a preview of how people can meet in a virtual room to co-ordinate design drafts and make decisions on collections without physically coming together

at a particular location.”

This is all made possible by the 3D simulation software Vidya, which simulates clothing so realistically that the sewing of prototypes can largely be dispensed with. Showcased at two trade shows this year, the Human Solutions Group’s design solutions were part of a microfactory, which enables the individualized production of apparel within the shortest possible timeframe and integrates the customer into the creation of a garment from the outset.

Autonomous driving raises questions

The Group is also tackling the challenges of autonomous driving to further develop solutions for the automotive industry. “There are many facets to consider in this topic, most of them technical and legal. We’re asking ourselves, How will the vehicle interior change? What instruments do we need and how will they be arranged?”

Anniversary to be celebrated with employees

The Human Solutions Group, which consists of Human Solutions GmbH, Assyst GmbH and AVM Solutions GmbH, currently employs more than 200 people at four locations in Kaiserslautern, Munich, Lainate/Milan and Morrisville/North Carolina, USA. The company will celebrate its 15th anniversary with employees, kicking off the festivities at the Museum Pfalzgalerie in Kaiserslautern, where a Human Solutions body scanner is on display as part of the current exhibition which is regarding opportunities and risks of big data. “We’ll also be delighted to honor many of our long-term employees who have come a long way with us – many of them have been part of the company since it was founded and have shaped Human Solutions’ business for many years – and we want to show our appreciation by celebrating with them,” says Seidl.