29/12/2023 – Freudenberg PM

Expanding global 3D entangled mat production with a new line in China

Freudenberg Performance Materials has taken a significant step towards enhancing its presence in the APAC region. On July 13th, 2023, the company inaugurated a state-of-the-art 3D entangled mat production line in Changzhou, China, marking a substantial investment in the region.


Freudenberg`s “Enka” solutions: high-performance 3D entangled mats for building, industrial and civil engineering industries. © Freudenberg PM


Faster and more efficient delivery

This new production line in Changzhou complements Freudenberg's existing manufacturing facilities in Obernburg, Germany, and Asheville, North Carolina, USA. By expanding their global manufacturing footprint, Freudenberg can now serve local markets more efficiently, resulting in faster product delivery to customers in the APAC region and beyond. The “Enka” solutions product line, known for its high-performance 3D entangled mats and composite solutions, is at the heart of this expansion. These products find applications in various industries, such as building, industrial, and civil engineering. The unique 3D entangled polymeric filament structures of “Enka” solutions provide innovative answers to challenges related to acoustics, ventilation, drainage, erosion control, sports and recreation, vibration damping, soil reinforcement, bio-filtration, and more. By increasing local production in China, Freudenberg not only meets customer needs more effectively but also contributes to a more sustainable and ecologically responsible approach to urban construction. This investment in Changzhou is set to play a crucial role in expanding “Enka” business with customers in the APAC region and beyond, strengthening Freudenberg`s position as a global leader in high-performance technical textiles.