30/01/2024 – Knitwear yarn collection

Marchi & Fildi: blending tradition with innovation

The renowned Marchi & Fildi and Filidea brands unveiled their revamped image and focused on medium-to-high range yarns at the 94th Pitti Filati. This transformation resulted in a collection featuring iconic and best-selling products, coupled with an elevated level of service through an expanded color palette and increased stock availability.


Marchi & Fildi and Filidea unveilded their “sustainably chic” yarn collection for Spring/Summer 2025. © Marchi & Fildi Group


The booth at the 94th Pitti Filati showcased garments created during the Micro/Macro project, which involved second-year students from the ITS TAM Technical School for Tailoring and Knitwear in Biella. © Marchi & Fildi Group


A highlight of their exhibit was the Micro/Macro project, where second-year students from the ITS TAM Technical School for Tailoring and Knitwear in Biella showcased their creations using two tactile and macro yarns, “Street” and “Zoran”. The eight pieces from this collaboration blend 90s aesthetics with modern reinterpretations, emphasizing vibrant colors.

Sustainable luxury and innovative textures

The Spring/Summer 2025 knitwear yarn collection introduces “Jacques”, a GOTS-certified cotton available in 72 colors, and “Jacques Crêpe”, a debutant with a fresh crêpe-effect. “Alber” and “Rudi”, linen blends in various colors, add sophistication to textured knitwear. Sustainability is said to remain a cornerstone for Marchi & Fildi, with natural, certified fibers and biodegradable blends dominating the collection. Furthermore, the use of “Ecotec” technology, turning pre- and post-consumer waste into high-quality yarns, reflects the brand´s commitment to environmental consciousness. Filidea, the youngest company within the group, emphasizes natural, sustainable, and certified yarns while also venturing into technical yarns for industrial applications.

Redefining environmental stewardship in yarn production

The “Ecotec” patented production process showcases significant environmental savings, aligning with the group´s dedication to reducing energy, CO2 emissions, and water consumption. The unveiling of various blends, such as “Narnali”, “Vergaio”, “Acapulco”, “Lima”, and “Pop”, demonstrates the versatility and commitment to sustainability, present in the entire collection. As Marchi & Fildi Spa welcomes the third generation of entrepreneurs, it continues to solidify its position as a leader in the yarn industry, blending tradition with innovation and sustainable practices. As a result, the new collection not only showcases the brand´s evolution but also underscores its enduring commitment to quality, creativity, and environmental responsibility. In conclusion, the Marchi & Fildi Group, internationally recognized and continually growing, is said to pride itself on a constant commitment to sustainable and innovative yarns.