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Stoll provides support for one of the works included in the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao’s exhibition, Architecture Effects, with consultancy, knit-creation, and manufacturing of MOS Architects’ “A Tent Without A Signal.” © H. Stoll AG & Co. KG

Stoll and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Collaborate in One of the Works Featured in “Architecture Effects Exhibition”. By  Iris Schlomski

H. Stoll will exhibit with DITF (German Institute for Textile + Fiber Research) at ISPO Munich on February 3rd – 6th, 2019. © H. Stoll

30/01/2019 – ISPO 2019: H. Stoll

ISPO 2019: H. Stoll

Innovative development and production processes

H. Stoll and DITF present at ISPO, Munich, a fully-automated production and development process with their digitalized 3D CAD model. By  Iris Schlomski

After a period of meticulous planning and advanced tweaking, Cifra presents the Thermo project at Ispo, destined to blaze a new trail in the winter sports sector and in the area of body heat management. © Cifra

29/01/2019 – ISPO Munich

ISPO Munich

Cifra presents the Thermo Project

In Munich the company Cifra presents the Thermo Project with infrared rays and Thermolite. By  Iris Schlomski

Flavian Schuler and Samuel Gerber led the tour of Swisstulle. © IFWS Schweiz

17/01/2019 – IFKT Swiss National Section

IFKT Swiss National Section

Tour of Swisstulle

The members and friends of IFWS Switzerland met on 23.11.2018 for a special event. By  Iris Schlomski

Aarish Netarwala, United States: “Adidas Grit is a pair of resistance training shoes, that replicates the experience of training on soft sand. Grits can be worn to by athletes to train on any running surface. The sole of the shoe mimics sand and absorbs energy from the user, fatiguing the leg muscles faster through strenuous exercise.” © Adidas

04/12/2018 – Adidas Grit

Adidas Grit

Products of the future in 3D printing

The purmundus challenge 3D printing design award was presented for the sixth time in Frankfurt. The 2nd prize won Adidas Grit By  Iris Schlomski

© Mattes und Amann © Mattes und Amann

23/11/2018 – Mattes und Ammann

Mattes und Ammann

Always sustainable

Mattes und Ammann has made its mark quietly, through reliable continuity and high quality. Sustainability has always been high on its agenda. By  Iris Schlomski

Garment- and leather shoe-manufacturing, along with cultivation of agricultural products (mainly coffee), are the main industries in Ethiopia © Stoll

21/11/2018 – Stoll in Africa

Stoll in Africa

A success story!

H. Stoll AG & Co. KG, leading manufacturer of flat knitting machines, based in Reutlingen, has been working with the African market for over 40 years. ... By  Iris Schlomski