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New online platform for textile network

The international premium magazine for the textile chain launches into its digital future. At textile-network.com and textile-network.de.


The interests of our readers are at the heart of textile network’s new website.


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The new websites for textile network place the interests of you, our readers, at the heart of what we do. Which technological innovations can the industry expect? Which trends are worth watching? Which topics in Research & Development are capturing the imagination of our leading institutes and universities? Reflecting the network that joins all the links in the textile chain, textile network’s underlying concept has, however, remained unchanged. This is why the “News” column is divided into the fields “Technical Textiles”, “Fashion”, “Home Textiles” and “Business”.

In English and German 

textile network’s new online platform appears both in English and German. textile-network.de is for German users, whereas textile-network.com is the international platform for English-language texts. Readers can switch between the English and German articles simply by clicking on the flag next to the social media icons. In addition, some English-language texts will specifically target our international readership whilst others will appear exclusively for the German-speaking market.

Clear target group

The new websites are designed for anyone who has a professional interest in knowing how and where textiles are produced and marketed now and in the future. Our very well connected and highly esteemed editor-in-chief, Iris Schlomski, her team and all our freelance authors are very excited about the new platform: “We want to portray the textile world as a network and from a technological point of view. Our relaunch into the digital world means that textile network and its information offering are completely networked. I’m delighted to be able to use these modern channels to keep our readers abreast of technical developments ‘from the fibre to the textile product’.”

Of course, textile network’s new online platform is still very much at the beginning of its digital journey, in which the needs and wishes of our readers play a central role. At next week’s trade fair mtex+ in Chemnitz (31.5. – 2.6. 2016, Messe Chemnitz, Chemnitz), additional functions will already be available to use on the sites. “Our promise to you is that we’ll continue improving this platform, extending and expanding our offering all the time,” says Daniel Keienburg, Head of Digital Media at Meisenbach Verlag. 

This is why we invite you, our readers, to help us carve out our path into the digital future. We would be delighted to receive your feedback and hope you will engage with us on Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to hearing from you!

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