20/08/2021 – Commitment upgrade

Officina+39 becomes a Bluesign partner

As latest step in its sustainable path, the Italian company embraces the Bluesign way and joins the prestigious joint network of stakeholders.


Officina+39’s produces and sells selected ranges of chemical specialties, dyestuffs and pigments for the textile, garments and denim industry. © Officina+39


Innovation, sustainable practices, clean information, transparency and social responsibility: these are the cornerstones of Trustainable, the ethical mindset that drives Officina+39’s approach to business. With its solid thirty-year experience in research and chemical application in the textile and fashion sector, the Italian company has carried out the advancement of environmentally-friendly chemicals and processes: always pushing the boundaries to pioneer change and improvement at all levels, Officina+39 now moves a step further and becomes partner of the Bluesign network of chemical excellences.

For a better, safer and cleaner industry

This landmark achievement confirms a longstanding pledge to minimize environmental impacts by envisioning and developing forefront solutions and technologies that reduce the use of energy and hazardous chemicals, while increasing waste recycling and water conservation. Together with the high-profile players involved who share Bluesign’s purposes, the company will work to ensure a responsible use of resources and to guarantee the highest possible degree of consumer protection.

Andrea Venier, Officina+39 Managing Director:

“We always say that going green is our passion. But it’s more than that: it is our first goal. Supporting the development of a better industry and preserving the world housing us all is extremely important to us and this partnership is a huge new step towards what we hope will be a shared change for good.”