Mostafiz Uddin is fighting for fair cooperations! © Denim Expert

27/11/2017 – Interview: How important is Europe for Bangladesh?

Interview: How important is Europe for Bangladesh?

We talked to Mostafiz Uddin, CEO Denim Expert Ltd.

Mostafiz Uddin, CEO Denim Expert Ltd. campaigns for sustainability and social responsibility in Bangladesh. We talked to him on his tour through Europe. By  Iris Schlomski

True denim essential - Summer 2019 © Vicunha

06/11/2017 – Vicunha Textil

Vicunha Textil

Highlights Spring/Summer 2019

Contemporary Lifestyle - Conscious consumer - Soft luxury By  Editorial staff

Mostafiz Uddin, Founder and CEO of Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE) and Managing Director of Denim Expert Limited, on water sustainability and how Bangladesh´s textile industry can contribute to it © Denim Expert Limited

09/10/2017 – Bangladesh


Water sustainability in Bangladesh

Water means life! Water sustainability is a vital issue for Bangladesh´s textile industry! By  Iris Schlomski

Apparel Sourcing, Paris 18 - 21/9/2017 Le Bourget, Paris© Messe Frankfurt © Messe Frankfurt

13/07/2017 – Apparel Sourcing

Apparel Sourcing

One location, four trade fairs

Apparel Sourcing, Paris, now in its 13th show, continues healthy growth and has already registered 25% more exhibitors. By  Iris Schlomski

Continuously reinventing denim, through outstanding production and research paths that start from the pure denim tradition to reach the world of luxury and haute-couture: this is the spirit that brings ITV Denimto become an absolute protagonist of innovation in denim (Photos: ITV Denim)

10/02/2017 – Munich Fabric Start

Munich Fabric Start

ITV Denim innovation in the Catalyzer Bluzeone area

ITV Denim presented a special selection of the most innovative concepts and with “Glow in the dark” an extraordinary Capsule Collection By  Editorial staff

"We do not mind spending an extra day in Munich". Thomas Dislich is looking forward to the Bluezone in September. (Photos: Vicunha)

Thomas Dislich, Managing Director Vicunha Textil for Europe and Asia, draws positive fair conclusion on the occasion of the Munich Fabric Start/Bluezone. By  Iris Schlomski

Rotor spinning mill with new Autocoro machines at Sudarshan Jeans Pvt Ltd., one of the largest denim manufacturers in India. From left to right: Mr Sudarshan Bansal, Chairman & Managing Director; Mr Shankar Khot, General Manager; Mr Gautam Bansal, Director (Photos: Schlafhorst)

08/12/2016 – Saurer AG / Schlafhorst

Saurer AG / Schlafhorst

Autocoro 9, a motor powering the Indian denim boom

Sudarshan Jeans Pvt Ltd. is one of the biggest denim manufacturers in India and is also the largest Indiabased customer for the Autocoro 8 and Autocoro ... By  Editorial staff