27/09/2023 – Alpine Group/FibreTrace

Partnership to make fashion fit for the future

Alpine Group, a global textile innovation and apparel manufacturing group, and FibreTrace, a traceability solutions provider have announced their partnership, delivering transparency throughout Alpine Group`s supply chain, whilst engaging brands and accelerating positive change across the fashion industry.


Joint “luminescent mission” of Alpine and FiberTrace to excel in the fashion industry. © FibreTrace


FibreTrace is a transparent technology that combines digital and physical technology to provide unparalleled insight into the journey of textile fibres. A patented luminescent pigment is embedded into the raw fibre, tracked and verified with scanners, and then deployed throughout the global supply chain: everything is captured in a digital blockchain solution that effectively provides a digital passport for each product. By combining FibreTrace`s cutting-edge technology with Alpine Group`s extensive manufacturing and innovation expertise, expert network and resources, brands can offer consumers the ability to track the journey of their garments by simply scanning a QR code on their phone – taking them on a journey from fibre to finished product that enables them to make informed purchasing decisions. The partnership with FibreTrace kicks off an exciting year of new products for Alpine Group. Alex Apparels, the Egypt-based company of the Group, will launch its state-of-the-art facility dubbed “The Factory of the Future”, due to launch in Q1 2024.