26/10/2023 – Uster Technologies

Proof data can boost spinners`profits plus free webinars

Raw material management has a high priority for Uster Technologies, based in Uster, Switzerland. That`s clear from “Fiber Q” – part of the new Uster “360 Q” suite of pioneering solutions for excellence in textile manufacturing. And it is underlined by a second webinar pointing the way from raw material data to profits, scheduled for early November.


“Even without large raw material inventory and with basic textile know-how, mills can achieve consistent and reliable laydowns for long-term quality consistency and trouble-free production,” says Stratos Fragkotsinos, Head of Product Management for Mill Management Solutions at Uster Technologies. © Uster Technologies


Uster “Fiber Q” solution allows cotton classification data from HVI to be automatically uploaded to the Uster “360 Q” platform. © Uster Technologies


Fluctuations in raw material prices and quality are constant headaches for spinners. And volatile market demand for yarns adds to the pain. Market conditions are unpredictable, so the big challenge is to implement reliable planning for cotton sourcing and yarn production, to cover all scenarios.

Raw material management challenge

Efficient raw material management is crucial for mill profitability, involving reduced raw cotton inventory, the latest management techniques, and, most importantly, reliable data. Uster “Fiber Q” is a solution that automates the upload of cotton classification data from the High Volume Instrument (HVI) to the Uster “360 Q” platform. This allows mills to achieve consistent and reliable laydowns for quality and trouble-free production, even without extensive raw material inventory.

The “Fiber Q” solution

Uster HVI, which provides objective measurement data for cotton quality, is becoming more accessible through a subscription model in select countries. This enables more spinning mills to implement data-driven raw material sourcing and utilization. Spinning mills typically spend a significant portion of their budget (65% to 75%) on raw materials. Uster`s “Fiber Q” solution helps optimize stock levels and minimize waste and mixing costs, ultimately leading to higher quality consistency. Traditionally, raw material management relied on mill personnel`s experience and basic tools, often leading to low data utilization. Uster “Fiber Q`s” data-enabled software plays a crucial role in streamlining the process and improving yarn quality and performance.

Comprehensive and convinching

Uster Technologies provides a comprehensive solution for raw material management, integrating the HVI for cotton measurement, software for data analysis, and expert services from Uster technologists. They emphasize a “Think Quality” approach and offer webinars on raw material management to support spinners in addressing these challenges and boosting profitability. In summary, Uster Technologies is taking a data-driven approach to raw material management in spinning mills, offering solutions that help optimize inventory, reduce costs, and improve overall quality. They aim to support the textile industry by providing the tools and knowledge necessary for long-term sustainability and profitability.


The Uster webinars are in English and free of charge for more information and registration please click here:

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