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Originally scheduled to take place from 20 to 24 November 2022, the 2023 exhibition will continue to be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre (NECC). © ITMA

17/10/2022 – In eigener Sache

In eigener Sache

Rückblick unserer Branche – KW 41/2022

Hier stellen wir die Top-Artikel aus der vergangenen Woche unserer deutschen und englischen Website vor. Der meistgelesene Beitrag kommt aus der Rubrik ... By  Daniel Keienburg

Cotton’s been keeping people dressed for over 8,000 years. © Uster Technologies

07/10/2022 – World Cotton Day

World Cotton Day

Cotton – a unique natural fiber

World Cotton Day – on October 7 every year – is a celebration of one of the world’s most important natural fiber. Let’s take a closer look at cotton with ... By  Sibylle Michel

Cotton classing stations at USDA © USDA

27/04/2022 – Cotton


Good fiber, good yarn, good business

Purchasers of raw cotton must focus on the price, but even mor so on the fiber quality. Why is cotton quality data so extremely crucial? By  Sibylle Michel

At his own request, current CEO Thomas Nasiou decided to step-down, and will be succeeded by Davide Maccabruni, who takes over as CEO on April 1, 2022. © Uster Technologies

10/02/2022 – Personnel matter

Personnel matter

Management succession planning at Uster Technologies

Uster Technologies is to have a new Chief Executive by April 2022. The succession plan ensures ‘seamless transition’ for company and customers. By  Editorial staff

Silk has never been a big business for Uster – only a niche for which Haettenschwiler, who played an outstanding role in developing User Statistics, showed his passion. © Uster Technologies

26/11/2021 – The doyen of silk testing

The doyen of silk testing

A little-known aspect of Uster Technologies

Silk would not normally spring to mind in relation to a company for quality management in traditional yarn spinning, but there is an interesting chapter ... By  Editorial staff

Fabric quality assurance system Uster EVS Fabric Vision. © Uster Technologies

25/03/2021 – Reducing waste, improving yield

Reducing waste, improving yield

Uster fabric inspection systems

Uster’s Think Quality approach now takes in automatic fabric inspection. By  Editorial staff

Uster Jossi Vision Shiel N: Uster launches automated quality monitoring for nonwovens producers. © Uster Technologies

30/10/2020 – Control of contamination, defence against defects

Control of contamination, defence against defects

Uster Technologies: Quality monitoring for nonwovens producers

Nonwovens producers are well aware of the potential threat posed by contamination in end-products. Uster’s solution can help. By  Editorial staff