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STFI presents innovations for lightweight construction

From March 5th to 7th, 2024, the Saxon Textile Research Institute e.V. (STFI) will showcase its achievements in lightweight construction at the JEC World in Paris. The fair promises to present a variety of innovations, including highlights in carbon fiber recycling and a new approach using hemp-based bast fibers as reinforcement in lightweight construction.


Knitted bast fiber reinforcement. © STFI


Green snowboard. © silbaerg GmbH

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Green snowboard

One exhibit at the trade fair will be a snowboard from the company silbaerg GmbH, which was developed in collaboration with the STFI. This snowboard uses a unique combination of hemp and recycled carbon fibers bonded with a bio-based epoxy resin. The patented technology, which utilises an anisotropic coupling effect, has earned the board the coveted “JEC Innovation Award 2024” in the “sport, leisure and recreation” category.

Vlies Comp

Another project being presented is Vlies Comp. Here, various industrial partners including Tenowo GmbH, Siemens AG, Invent GmbH, and STFI are collaborating to reintroduce recyclates into various lightweight solutions. An example is a lightweight bearing shield for electric motors made from a mixture of hybrid nonwoven fabrics and recycled reinforcing fibers. The use of 100% recycled materials has demonstrated significant reduction in CO2 emissions without compromising performance.

Bast fiber reinforcement

Another focus is on the development of reinforcement fibers from hemp bast for lightweight construction. Bast fibers form in the bark area of plant stems to provide stability, supporting the stem while being highly flexible compared to rigid wood, allowing slender, tall plants to sway in the wind without breaking. Inspired by the natural stability of hemp plants, STFI has developed reinforcement rods manufactured through the pultrusion process. These rods, made from biobased reinforcement fibers, could present a promising alternative to conventional materials and be used in mineral matrices.

STFI is an innovation partner and service provider distinguished by its interdisciplinary approach and expertise in areas such as technical textiles, recycling, and personal protective equipment. As an institute affiliated with TU Chemnitz and an active member of the German Industrial Research Association, it significantly contributes to the advancement of the textile industry.

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