14/02/2024 – 37th International Cotton Conference Bremen

Spotlight on progressive production and sustainable solutions

With an estimated projected attendance of around 400 industry professionals, this event marks the 37th year that Bremen will host this gathering, cementing its status as a key hub for the global cotton industry on 20th - 22nd March 2024.


Machine harvest of cotton. © Photo Nick Robinson - © Photo courtesy of Cotton Australia


Organized by the Bremen Cotton Exchange and Fibre Institute Bremen, the conference will bring together delegates from various sectors of the cotton industry, including farming, processing, retail, textile trade, industry service providers, and research institutions. This diverse mix ensures a comprehensive exploration of the entire cotton supply chain.

This year´s venue, the modern parliament building known as the Haus der Bürgerschaft, reflects Bremen´s commitment to innovation and progress within the industry. Attendees will engage in informative lectures and discussion groups covering a wide range of topics. From analyzing the current state of the supply chain to exploring forward-thinking solutions, the conference promises to offer valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the cotton industry today.

One of the focal points of the conference will be the concept of progressive cotton production, exemplified by informative lectures highlighting advancements in key cotton-producing regions such as the USA, China, Uzbekistan, and Greece. These sessions will showcase innovations in areas like genetically modified cotton varieties, quality standards, sustainable farming practices, and regenerative cultivation methods.

For those unable to attend in person, online access to the conference will be available.