14/05/2024 – Weaving technology

Stäubli at ITM 2024 Istanbul

Stäubli is presenting at ITM 2024 an overview of its latest technologies, machinery, and solutions. With a diverse array of cutting-edge solutions, from warp processing to shed formation and carpet weaving, Stäubli continues to set the benchmark for excellence in textile machinery.


“Safir Pro S67” automatic drawing-in machine for high speed processing of quality warps. © stock.adobe.com/Studios Grand Sud YG Photographies


“SX Pro” electronic Jacquard machine. © stock.adobe.com

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At the forefront of their showcase is the unveiling of “Safir Pro S67”, a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline style changes in the weaving preparation department. “Safir Pro S67” drawing-in machine

Efficient warp and style changes are pivotal for weaving mills´ flexibility and productivity. The renowned “Safir” automatic drawing-in machines make it possible to shorten workflows, resulting in cost savings and expanding the variety of application possibilities. Equipped with state-of the art Stäubli technology, the so-called Active Warp Control (AWC), the drawing-in machines feature capabilities such as colour recognition or yarn repeat management. Even warps with multiple colours and without a 1:1 lease can be drawn in, with no error or loss of productivity. The final result is a perfectly drawn-in weaving harness ready for the downstream weaving process. As a result, the “Safir Pro S67” draws attention with its unprecedented speed in automatic drawing-in of colored warps.

“Tiepro” warp-tying machine

Another crucial process in many weaving mills is warp tying. Stäubli is presenting the “Tiepro” warp tying machine together with “TPF3B-10” warp tying frame. This machine offers unique features supporting easy start up and processing of the warp to be tied. New staff can easily learn how to run the machine as the screen guides the operator. A standalone advantage of the tying machine is that if a double end is detected, the machine with its exclusive auto-reverse function automatically reverses and redoes that yarn separation step. This process takes place before the yarn is cut. The machine does not require an oil bath and maintains high availability in the mill. Energy-efficient jaquard weaving

Responding to market demands for sustainability, the “SX Pro” jaquard machine integrates innovative features to minimize energy consumption without compromising performance. With up to 2,688 hooks, it caters to various fabric production needs while ensuring energy efficiency.

Revolutionizing shed formation

Stäubli´s “S3000/S2300” electronic rotary family represents a pinnacle in shed formation technology. The “S3280” electronic rotary dobby concept will be presented to vistiors in Istanbul. This dobby is designed for ultra-high-speed operation, a minimum of vibration, and extremely reliable performance. Its eco-friendly design underscores Stäubli´s commitment to sustainable solutions, offering weavers productivity with minimal environmental impact. According to the company rotary dobbies in the “S3000/S3200” series are composed of more than 93% metal. The remaining 7% comprises electronic components, plastics, cables, etc. This means the recyclability of these machines ranges from at least 96% to over 99%, depending on the range family.

Versatile carpet weaving

The “Alpha 580 Universal” carpet machine is able to handle a wide range oft carpet varieties with its versatility and productivity.

In conlusion, Stäubli´s presence at ITM 2024 reaffirms its commitment to driving efficieny and innovation in the textile industry. Furthermore, the machines demonstrate that it is possible to combine speed and precision with sustainability.