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18/05/2015 – Marc O’Polo and RFID — auf Deutsch lesen


In September 2014, Tailorit successfully finalised the RFID rollout of Marc O´Polo after a two year period.

Marc O'Polo– RFID Photo: Marc O'Polo

Marc O'Polo– RFID Photo: Marc O'Polo


 “RFID enables an efficient replenishment from DC to store, merchandise availability as well as the reduction of inventory differences and out-of-stock situations”, says Alexander Gedat, CEO of Marc O´Polo. “Tailorit has been responsible for the project management and supported us during the technical evaluation and in all change management issues. The methods and concepts of Tailorit enabled us to transform the project very efficiently and disburdened our organization”. The first results indicate that the use of RFID increases the process efficiency, resulting in a better transparency of DC and store inventory. In addition, Marc O´Polo is able to offer a better service to their wholesale und franchise partners and an optimised delivery quality. This enables the partners to offer their customers an unlimited product range and increases sales.

In cooperation with Enso Detego, solution provider of the RFID system at Marco O´Polo, Tailorit developed an RFID tunnel with an excellent reading performance. Therefore all picking and packing mistakes of the suppliers are detected during the inbound process. This enables Marc O´Polo to increase their outbound quality up to 100%. In April 2014, after a pilot phase of four weeks, the international rollout started in Germany, Benelux, France, Poland and Sweden. The rollout ended in September 2014 with the go-live of the store in Berlin-Tegel.

“Thanks to the huge effort und the highly motivated internal and external project team members, the project was executed very fast and successfully”, states Uwe Quiede, Principal at Tailorit. Uwe Quiede has been responsible for the project management, in cooperation with Marco O´Polo´s project manager Jana Hildenbrand. Due to the great success of the retail rollout, Marc O’Polo decided to extend the project by implementing RFID in all factory outlets, starting in February 2015. Tailorit will support Marc O´Polo´s RFID project until spring 2015.

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