At several plants, Cottontex SRL from Romania very successfully implemented a digital solution based on RFID technology by Dresden Informatik GmbH for tracking and tracing in textile fabrication. © Cottontex

13/02/2020 – RFID technology

RFID technology

Cottontex SRL implemented a digital solution by Dresden Informatik GmbH

Efficient tracking and tracing in production and intralogistics is still one of the essential factors of success, also in the textile industry. By  Iris Schlomski

Not only pleasing on the eye, but also functional: smart-Chromotion emblems from smart-Tec © Debrunner Acifer

20/05/2019 – smart-Tec


Intelligent and functional workwear

NFC technology from smart-TEC makes Debrunner products intelligent and customizable. By  Iris Schlomski
Marc O'Polo– RFID Photo: Marc O'Polo

Marc O'Polo– RFID Photo: Marc O'Polo

18/05/2015 – Marc O’Polo and RFID

Marc O’Polo and RFID


In September 2014, Tailorit successfully finalised the RFID rollout of Marc O´Polo after a two year period. By  Editorial staff