16/02/2024 – Partnership Allied Feather+Down/Nemo Equipment

Traceable down recycling program

Allied Feather+Down, a supplier of responsibly sourced and sustainably processed down insulation, introduces its recycled down program “Renu Trace“ in collaboration with Nemo Equipment, a move set to revolutionize sustainability in outdoor gear.


“Recyclable and naturally biodegradable, down is one of the most sustainable insulations on the planet and plays an important role in a circular economy,” said Daniel Uretsky, President with Allied Feather+Down. © Allied Feahter+Down


Sleeping bag isolated with Allied down fill. © Allied Feahter+Down/Nemo Equipment


The partnership marks a significant milestone in sustainable outdoor gear production. Utilizing Allied´s recycling program, Nemo Equipment will integrate fully traceable recycled down insulation into its product collections, starting with the “Endless Promise” line. This initiative ensures that Nemo´s products not only prioritize performance but also ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility. Daniel Uretsky, President of Allied Feather+Down, emphasizes the importance of closed-loop systems in ensuring ethical sourcing and recycling practices. He said: “We launched our ‘Renu Trace’ program in November, 2022, understanding the importance of ensuring animal welfare through traceable recycled down. We are excited to see the realization of ‘Renu Trace´s‘ potential within the Nemo ‘Endless Promise’ program.” The program addresses the challenge of reconciling post-consumer recycled materials with animal welfare concerns, offering a solution for brands like Nemo committed to both principles. As a result, Nemo´s Spring 2024 collection showcases this commitment, featuring sleeping bags equipped with advanced features like “Thermo Gill” vents and RDS-certified Allied down fill. Additionally, these products are made from recycled fabrics and are said to be fully recyclable at the end of their lifecycle, aligning with Nemo`s dedication to sustainability. While Nemo is the inaugural participant, the program is open to all partner brands, promising a future where ethical and sustainable practices are the norm in the outdoor industry.