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Under the motto ‘Textiles Matter’, visitors can explore concepts for increased circularity, which will generate new impulses for the sustainable market of the future. © FranklinTill

13/09/2022 – Home and contract textiles

Home and contract textiles

Inspiring Heimtextil Trends 23/24

Under the motto ‘Textiles Matter’, Heimtextil 2023 sets the benchmark for tomorrow’s forward-facing textile furnishing. The focus is on circularity. By  Sibylle Michel

Only 1% of textiles are recycled into new fabrics. © HalynaRom/

25/08/2022 – Recycling


Manufacturers turn to mono material fabrics

As pressure mounts to improve the recyclability of textile products textile manufacturers turn to mono material fabrics and cellulosic fibres. By  Sibylle Michel

More than 50 speakers will participate, as well as 20 green growth technology exhibitors, with 20 countries represented. © Bangladesh Apparel Exchange

This year’s Sustainable Apparel Forum (SAF) on May 10, 2022, aims to establish Bangladesh as the world’s most responsible apparel sourcing destination. By  Editorial staff

The selected applications will receive a financial support of 12,000 EUR. In addition the beneficiaries will have access to mentoring, as well as training and workshops in which best practices to be implemented throughout the value chain will be shared. © Circoax

27/07/2021 – Supporting SMEs and start-ups in the circular economy

Supporting SMEs and start-ups in the circular economy

Call for the European accelerator CirCoAX

The participation in this accelerator gives SMEs and start-ups the opportunity to set themselves up as benchmark projects on a European scale. By  Editorial staff

To decarbonise the energy sector by 2050, and ensure the achievement of the goals set out under the Paris agreement, it is essential for the industry to completely phase out its use of fossil fuels. © Tupungato/

31/05/2021 – Circular economy – Recycling

Circular economy – Recycling

Nova-Institut: Turning off the Tap for Fossil Carbon

How to meet the global need for carbon as a feedstock in the chemical and derived materials sector in the future? The Nova-Institut presents a report. By  Editorial staff

A milestone: the Wear2Wear consortium has succeeded in producing an rEvolution hybrid jacket made from used textiles and recycled PET bottles. At the end of its lifetime, it can be completely recycled into high-quality functional textiles. © Carl Weiske

11/05/2021 – Circular economy

Circular economy

Carl Weiske: The rEvolution hybrid jacket

Carl Weiske takes on the task of building a recycling network to recycle used textiles from a wide range of industries into high-quality yarns. By  Editorial staff