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Consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental footprint of their purchases, leading to a surge in demand for products made from recycled materials. © 2023 Firn/Shutterstock

22/02/2024 – Recycled fibers

Recycled fibers

Machinery and services for circularity

Many end-users expect recycled materials to be in textile products they purchase. However, there are still many technical and economic issues facing yarn ... By  Christine Heywood

“Recyclable and naturally biodegradable, down is one of the most sustainable insulations on the planet and plays an important role in a circular economy,” said Daniel Uretsky, President with Allied Feather+Down. © Allied Feahter+Down

16/02/2024 – Partnership Allied Feather+Down/Nemo Equipment

Partnership Allied Feather+Down/Nemo Equipment

Traceable down recycling program

Allied Feather+Down, a supplier of responsibly sourced and sustainably processed down insulation, introduces its recycled down program “Renu Trace“ in ... By  Christine Heywood
Meist gelesen textile network-EN KW3

Bremen Cotton Report. © Irina Sokolovskaya/

At this point, we present the five most read articles of the past week. The ranking is based on your click behavior on the website. By  Sven Ramer

Elastane is a “stretchy” material, but causes a lot of difficulties when it comes to recycling. ©  kuznechik42/Adobe Stock_233499004

17/01/2024 – Elastane (spandex)

Elastane (spandex)

Barriers in the recycling loop threaten existence

Elastane (spandex) fibers face criticism because of the barrier they pose to the recycling of textile waste, and this criticism is spurring manufacturers ... By  Christine Heywood

The “OnceMore” pulp developed by both companies will then be used for various purposes, including as a raw material for the production of Lenzing’s Tencel branded specialty fibers using “Refibra” technology. © Södra Skogsägarna

19/06/2023 – Sustainability


Södra and Lenzing project receives EU Life subsidy

Lenzing and Södra have been joining forces in textile recycling since 2021, making a crucial contribution to the promotion of circularity in the fashion ... By  Anna Ugrica

trinamiX combines the advantages of multiple setups in a single versatile solution. Thus, customers are enabled to deploy the solution at any given location or process stage. © trinamiX GmbH

13/06/2023 – Boer Group and trinamiX

Boer Group and trinamiX

Sorting Capabilities for Textile Identification

Boer Group processes more than 400,000 kg of used textiles every day, separating them into 350 different types and qualities for re-use or recycling. By  Anna Ugrica

100 % bio-based and recyclable, this yarn contributes to an increasingly sustainable textile sector that respects the principles of the circular economy. © malp/

20/03/2023 – Sustainability


RadiciGroup launches 100 % naturally sourced yarn

At the Performance Days, RadiciGroup – the only European producer of this material – presented a yarn with excellent technical and environmental performance. By  Anna Ugrica