10/01/2024 – Stoll/Astrifa — auf Deutsch lesen

Tradition meets digitalisation

Astrifa GmbH, a traditional company, based in Aidenbach in the district of Passau, has around 70 employees and produces around 700 items in traditional costume style for men, women and children every week. The company relies on “Create Plus”, a software with advanced knitting technology for the production of its Lower Bavarian Fashion.


Astrifa produces traditional costume clothing using state-of-the-art production methods. © Astrifa


The merino wool from England is processed and the machinery consists exclusively of Stoll machines, including representatives of the ADF and CMS series. Astrifa also relies on pioneering solutions when it comes to programming the machines: “Create Plus” is used alongside other patterning systems.

Long-standing partnership with Stoll

Astrifa GmbH was founded in 1948 in Lower Bavaria, moved to its current location in 1953 and began specializing in traditional costume clothing in 1978. The successful knitting company has worked with Stoll almost from the very beginning. Even during an extensive expansion and renovation project in the 1980s, the latest generation of machines were supplied by the renowned industry player. Today, a total of 17 Stoll flat knitting machines are in operation at Astrifa. The reason for the long-standing partnership is reliable all-round support. “What I appreciate about Stoll is the always comprehensive support in all matters, whether problems with machines, software or pattern technology”, says Werner Wohlfahrt. The knitting line manager at Astrifa works with “Create Plus” in the area of patterning systems.

Transforming the production of knitted traditional clothing

The “Create Plus” software combines a full-featured, advanced programming system with an easy-to-learn user interface, revolutionizing the programming of Stoll flat knitting machines. This has also aroused great interest at ITMA 2023. New versions are released every four months; in addition to many detailed improvements, the current release contains a greatly expanded system for multi-part knitting compared to the previous software and an extensive option for creating reports and statistics.

Dialog for further development

In an interview with Wolfram Geuppert, Head of Development Knitwear Design Systems at the Karl Mayer Stoll Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH, Werner Wohlfahrt explains that he has not yet switched over completely due to his machinery, but that he uses “Create Plus” to its full extent on his newer machines. Pattern creation as a project in conjunction with the design level and the line cuts are particularly relevant for him. Overall, Werner Wohlfahrt considers “Create Plus” to be a good success, even if he is still waiting for individual functions. For the further development of “Create Plus”, he would like to see a constant dialog between the manufacturer and users, which Wolfram Geuppert is happy to agree to.