27/12/2023 – Kornit Digital

Transforming fashion and textiles

Kornit Digital transforms fashion and textiles with sustainable, on-demand digital fulfillment. In a world where the textile industry ranks as the second-largest polluter, there is an urgent need for responsible and eco-friendly production practices. This call for sustainability has not only shifted consumer preferences but has also prompted regulatory actions.


Kornit Digital revolutionizes textile industry with sustainable and high-quality MAX systems. © Kornit Digital


As a result, textile producers are compelled to adopt more responsible operations, especially in a market where 30% of apparel is overproduced. Moreover, the ever-evolving web-driven marketplace demands increased reactivity to remain profitable.

Sustainabilty and quality

In this landscape, Kornit Digital provides digital textile solutions that enable businesses to align fulfillment with demand in a sustainable and agile manner. Kornit Digital`s latest-generation MAX systems bring a combination of sustainability and quality to the textile industry. These systems are said to be capable of delivering high-quality, durable, and detailed graphics on a wide range of materials, both natural and synthetic, with speed and precision. Kornit`s solutions not only help fulfill existing demand profitably but also create new product and business opportunities. One of the features of Kornit`s systems is their commitment to sustainability. All of their systems and consumables are certified by reputable standards such as GOTS, Oeko-Tex Eco Passport, and “bluesign”. Additionally, product life cycle assessments have shown up to 95% energy savings when compared to traditional analog production processes. This emphasis on sustainability is a win-win, benefiting both the environment and the bottom line of businesses. Kornit's single-step, single-operator systems offer increased automation capabilities, enabling higher throughput with less time, labor, energy, materials, and production space. This supports reshoring and nearshore production strategies, streamlining end-to-end fulfillment while meeting regional regulatory requirements.

MAX systems unleash creative innovation with XDi printing

The MAX systems also introduce XDi print capability, allowing producers to emulate a wide range of graphic effects using a single pigment-based mechanism. This versatility empowers designers and producers to explore new creative avenues and tap into evolving technologies, including artificial intelligence, interactive design platforms, virtual modeling, and gaming platforms. Kornit offers a range of MAX systems, including the Kornit “Presto MAX” for direct-to-fabric production with XDi decoration capabilities and the Kornit “Atlas MAX” Plus for high-volume direct-to-garment decoration. The Kornit “Atlas MAX Poly” extends these capabilities to polyester and poly-blends, opening up new possibilities in sportswear, athleisure, and licensed apparel. Lastly, the Kornit “Apollo” is a high-capacity system for digital direct-to-garment decoration at scale, offering integrated smart curing to produce 400 applications per hour. With Kornit Digital`s sustainable, on-demand digital fulfillment solutions, the fashion and textiles industry embraces eco-friendly practices while maintaining profitability and agility in a rapidly changing market.