Mass-market apparel brands and retailers can’t win in the next decade without speeding up and transforming to a demand-focused model closer to the consumer. © Kornit

18/01/2021 – Sustainability: Reshaping supply chains

Sustainability: Reshaping supply chains

Kornit: Production near by the clients

Apparel brands and retailers in Europe are finding they can no longer pursue business as usual. By  Iris Schlomski

© Kornit

04/01/2021 – The touch of sustainable fashion on demand

The touch of sustainable fashion on demand

Kornit NeoPigment Robusto Softener

The comfort that fashion should offer now has priority. Additionally, the criticisms against “fast fashion” have been gaining for some time now. By  Iris Schlomski

As QTCo and countless other satisfied Kornit customers continue to demonstrate, being able to provide retail-quality, responsibly-made apparel quickly, in any quantity, and without design limitations is a solid business plan for success and growth. © Kornit

18/12/2020 – E-Commerce surge

E-Commerce surge

QTCo increases investment in Kornit Digital

Australian apparel manufacturer QTCo increases investment in Kornit Digital, answering E-Commerce surge. By  Iris Schlomski

As a leader in the apparel and fashion industry, Kornit considers sustainability to be a core company value and focuses its best efforts and resources on minimizing the company’s environmental footprint. © Kornit

16/12/2020 – Why sustainably matters

Why sustainably matters

Kornit: Minimizing the company’s environmental footprint

Kornit offers digital printing solutions that are more environmentally friendly than both traditional and other digital printing methods in the industry. By  Iris Schlomski

Kornit Microfactory. The lean and efficient model addresses many of today’s market needs. © Kornit

15/12/2020 – The major gains in the Microfactory model

The major gains in the Microfactory model

Kornit’s Microfactory approach

With a reverse business model and reverse supply chain approach, the customer can buy the product and only then is it manufactured. By  Iris Schlomski

“We are sustainable. We don’t have to create more water waste or use more resources.” Catarina Lopes, Calvi. © Kornit Digital

12/11/2020 – Production on demand

Production on demand

Kornit Digital: Calvi has implemented the Kornit Avalanche HD6 system

Calvi achieves an efficient, eco-conscious production on demand with Kornit Digital. By  Iris Schlomski