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Techtextil/Texprocess 2015: Lenzing

Process control systems with new features

Opumeter by Lenzing Instruments Photo: Lenzing

Opumeter by Lenzing Instruments Photo: Lenzing


At Techtextil, Lenzing Instruments will show one of its new developments within the field of entanglement nodes of interlaced yarns, the Rapid 600, which is now available in two versions: The Rapid 600 standard version for high volume, mechanical testing with node quality classification and statistical evaluation according to ASTM D4724. A new feature is the optionally integrated optical sensor for high-speed testing mode. Invispec is Lenzing Instruments' latest development for the inspection of aesthetical and physical defects on all kinds of woven materials and fabrics. Invispec adjusts automatically to various defects and there is no need for re-programming of the software logarithm when new defects are presented to the system.

For the detection of broken filaments and fluff on filament yarn, Lenzing Instruments offers various possibilities. The sensor Prompt FFD provides online process control with a clear distinction between broken filaments and fluff. Together with the Prompt Visualization software, it forms a system which offers vast possibilities for real time process control and historical data analysis. For the visualisation of detected defects, Prompt FFD may be combined with the camera system Fray View. One of the newcomers for detection of the spin finish level on filament yarn is Opumeter, used directly during production on the running yarn.

[Techtextil, hall 3.1, booth A39]

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