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18/10/2023 – Tonello at Kingspin

Tonello at Kingspin

Curtain up for “From deep white to pure indigo”

On October 18th-19th, 2023, Tonello returns to Kingpins with an innovative showcase of garment finishing technologies and partnerships that are set to ... By  Christine Heywood

Should the label with the cleaning instructions no longer be legible: a quick check with the smartphone and the integrated spectral analysis identifies the garment of the fabric. © Fraunhofer IPMS

04/10/2023 – Research


Checking items of clothing using a smartphone

Researchers at Fraunhofer have developed an ultra-compact near-infrared spectrometer suitable for recognizing and analyzing textiles.

Stefan Böhler. © flexport

29/09/2023 – Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Supply Chain

Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Supply Chain

The Critical Value of Data Quality and the Role of Digital Forwarders

The supply chain in the fashion industry is undergoing a redesign. At the heart of this change is artificial intelligence (AI), which holds tremendous ... Stefan Böhler

Priya Ahluwalia`s “Acknowledgements” collection © Ahluwalia

25/09/2023 – London Fashion Week SS24

London Fashion Week SS24

Isko supports emerging British fashion designers

Isko, part of Sanko Tekstil, known for pioneering denim innovations, took an important step in supporting emerging British fashion designers during London ... By  Christine Heywood

“You don't even have to come up with buttons for quadriplegics.” – The critical feedback from the wheelchair users is valuable for the students' work. © Schweizer Paraplegiker-Stiftung Joel Najer / Sabrina Kohler

21/09/2023 – Adaptive Fashion

Adaptive Fashion

It must fit when sitting

For people in wheelchairs, there is only a small range of stylish and comfortable fashion. Functional clothing often lacks style. And beautiful attire ...

The digital supply chain is no longer a futuristic concept; it`s a reality, moving fashion at the speed of digital culture, and offering a path towards a more sustainable, responsive, and profitable future. © Kornit

31/08/2023 – Kornit Digital Europe

Kornit Digital Europe

Benefits of a digital supply chain

The fashion and textile industry faces significant challenges in terms of sustainability and efficiency, with an analog supply chain that`s slow-moving ... By  Christine Heywood