Impressions the exhibition “The Vulgar – Fashion Redefined” at Prince Eugene’s Winterpalais in Vienna © Christian Wind

22/08/2017 – Exhibition


The Vulgar – Fashion Redefined

This spring, the exhibition “The Vulgar – Fashion Redefined” at Prince Eugene’s Winterpalais in Vienna tested the limits of “good” taste. By  Iris Schlomski

In conclusion, China has a complete nonwoven industry and the world’s largest production capacities to support and meet the rapid growth of this industry, both worldwide and on its huge domestic market. Scientific and technological innovations and intelligent manufacturing will accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading and improve the core competitiveness of China’s manufacturing. The “Going Out” strategy will broaden its market base and development © fotolia

18/08/2017 – Nonwovens in China

Nonwovens in China

A rapid growth is programme!

Owing to the global and huge domestic market demand and technological advancement, China’s nonwovens industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years. By  Vicky Sung, Hong Kong

Impressions Munich Fabric Start © Munich Fabric Start

17/08/2017 – Munich Fabric Start Autumn/Winter 18/19

Munich Fabric Start Autumn/Winter 18/19

Trends, Apparel Source and Microfactory

The Munich Fabric Start, running from 5 to 7 September 2017, has many impressive and interesting features in store for visitors this autumn. By  Iris Schlomski

© Wolfgang Schmidt

15/08/2017 – 7th mtex+2018

7th mtex+2018

Discover Chemnitz (new)!

International Exhibition for Technical Textiles on 29-30 May 2018 in Chemnitz, Germany: Compact, intensive, effective and international. By  Iris Schlomski

Fair impressions Maroc in Mode und Maroc Sourcing © Jandali Mode.Medien.Messen

12/08/2017 – Marokko


15. Maroc in Mode - Maroc Sourcing

Maroc in Mode/Maroc Sourcing, October 26th and 27th, 2017 in Marrakech: 175 exhibitors and 1,500 expert visitors from Europe, Africa, and America are ... By  Iris Schlomski

“Cinema is the essence from which dreams are made!” (Charlie Chaplin) © pixabay

09/08/2017 – Milano Unica

Milano Unica

Fashion meets Cinema

The 25th edition of Milano Unica takes its visitors on a magical journey through the imaginative world of film, artistic aesthetics and sensuous reflection. By  Iris Schlomski

© Venette Waste

04/08/2017 – More than just a trend?

More than just a trend?

Fashion Week Berlin and Sustainability

Looking through the lens of sustainability, a walk around Berlin Fashion Week in July 2017 brought some interesting discoveries to light. By  Iris Schlomski