11/01/2021 – Looking beyond the horizon: Purmundus challenge 2020 3rd prize — auf Deutsch lesen

3D printed sneakers convince the jury

The Zero – 3D printed sneakers by Svet Abjo, Zellerfeld Shoe Company Inc. is a fully functional custom made 3D printed shoe based on foot scans.


Purmundus challenge 2020, 3rd prize: Zero – 3D printed sneakers, Svet Abjo I Zellerfeld Shoe Company Inc. © Zellerfeld Shoe Company


The fully functional custom made 3D printed shoe was printed at one go eliminating any stitching or gluing processes. Sole, midsole, and upper – all in one print and out of one material.

The complete shoe is made out of TPU (shore hardness 60 A). The shoes could be eventually melted down and new shoes could be printed out of it. Moreover no traditional shoe lasts are re-quired as this can be directly implemented in the CAD model.

  • And the best: 3D printing shoes could be done locally which eliminates any need of of big infrastructure or production hall. Moreover, there will be no overproduction as compared to traditional manufacturing ways.