“Lectra is an ideal partner. Its Vector solution allows us to achieve operational excellence, and provides us with various benefits owing to its advanced technology.” Guo XiaoBing General Manager, Guangzan © Lectra

20/02/2018 – Lectra: Guangzan

Lectra: Guangzan

Rapid growth with leaner operations

Seeking to improve profitability, the China-based automotive trim cover and headrest supplier turned to Lectra to digitalize fabric-cutting processes By  Editorial staff

Needs-focused workwear and protective clothing in all its variety © yhf

17/01/2018 – Gerber Technology in Africa

Gerber Technology in Africa

The core of Sweet-Orr, Cape Town

We are sitting with the management team in the Cape Town conference room of Sweet-Orr and looking around at the beaming faces. By  Editorial staff

Romanita employs 800 people at its 3,800m2 production facility and produces 8,000 pieces a month © Romanita

16/01/2018 – Lectra: Romanita, Romania

Lectra: Romanita, Romania

If you want to have a future in this business, you have to invest in technology”

Founded in 1972, Romanita is one of Romania’s biggest apparel manufacturers, producing clothing for an impressive list of international brands. By  Iris Schlomski

3D opens yet another door for you – to a meeting in a virtual reality room. © Human Solutions

28/12/2017 – Human Solutions

Human Solutions

Coordination in the virtual room

Thanks to 3D, designers can now find the right digital prototypes much faster. They meet in a virtual reality room! By  Iris Schlomski

This image shows the computer-aided basic designs in sizes 46 and 50 that have been derived from the model data of size 38 and the associated 2D pattern pieces, which are automatically generated © TU Dresden

16/11/2017 – TU Dresden

TU Dresden

3D product development for body-remote apparel

Researchers and commercial suppliers around the world are aiming to make the design of apparel easier .. By  Iris Schlomski

Pattern continuity is a hallmark of quality, also for the fashion industry © Gerber Technology

17/10/2017 – Gerber Technology

Gerber Technology

Auto-Match Reduces Labor by 50% and Increases Throughput

Pro Productivity and Pattern-Continuity with Precision - Gerber supports the industry to make yet another step into that direction. By  Iris Schlomski