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Alvanon and Under Armour collaborate

Under Armour and Alvanon collaboration digitizes size range using state-of-the-art technologies to create 3D avatar fleet – Infant size 0 to Men’s 5XL.


3D is definitely changing our industry. © Alvanon


© Matt Ryb Pictures

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Alvanon has announced a new collaboration with Under Armour, UA, to inspire fashion brands to embrace 3D. The two companies partnered on a project to develop new 3D tools – particularly working with 3D avatar size sets – to make better product, with improved sizing and standardization, that delivers next-level accuracy.

Many companies, including UA, have turned to 3D virtualization to significantly reduce the time and cost of product design and development, and minimize physical sampling. Prior to the 3D collaboration, UA partnered with Alvanon to sculpt all of Under Armour’s physical fit forms to the company’s proprietary fits. With this new collaboration, Alvanon built on those fit forms to create a range of digital avatars for UA. Those new avatars replicate its proprietary fits and represent the full spectrum of “real” bodies across men’s, women’s and kids.

To watch the video Alvanon x Under Armour click HERE.

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