Rendering: 3D-Inhalte übertragen aus der CAD und exportiert als qualitativ hochwertige Bilder. © Hochschule Niederrhein/Mylene, Belgien

19/09/2022 – Im Gespräch mit Michael Ernst

Im Gespräch mit Michael Ernst

Stand-alone-Systeme vs. 2D-3D-Integration

textile network sprach mit Michael Ernst, dem Experten in Sachen 3D-Produktentwicklung, über aktuelle und zukünftige technologische Entwicklungen in der ... By  Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh

Vizoo digitizes material samples so that designers can use them directly with their 3D scenes. © Vizoo

13/09/2022 – Digital fabrics

Digital fabrics

How 3D technologies speed up fabric selling processes

The benefits of digitizing swatches does not only serve the fashion brands’ production pipeline, but also improves customer service and speed. By  Sibylle Michel

The expansion of The Lycra Company’s digital infrastructure is enabling new forms of engagement with its global customer base. © The Lycra Company

18/08/2022 – Partnership with Browzwear

Partnership with Browzwear

The Lycra Company accelerates digital transformation

The Lycra Company announced a partnership with Browzwear, a developer and provider specialized on 3D-CAD. By  Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh

Displaying avatars with apparel in 3D Vidya is made possible by the new V-RAY renderer and PathTracer technology, which guarantee top-drawer performance and deliver photorealistic images in real time. © Assyst

20/07/2022 – 3D simulation

3D simulation

Assyst launches new photorealistic avatars

With the launch of a 3D Vidya module, the new Model Suite, Assyst is closing the last gap to enable the digital sales of fashion. By  Sibylle Michel

With the Vidya Viewer and AssystCloud, a whole new world of global collaboration opens up. © Assyst

18/05/2022 – Texprocess: Assyst

Texprocess: Assyst

One step ahead with 3D simulation

At this year’s Texprocess, Assyst will be represented with a small communications stand so they can once again meet their costumers in person. By  Sibylle Michel

The start-up’s founding purpose: to counter the increasing returns problem of up to 50% in online clothing retailing with a multitrack approach. © Presize

05/05/2022 – Reality check for virtual dressing

Reality check for virtual dressing

Mega deal: Presize start-up owned by Meta now

April 18, 2022, the Facebook Corporation Meta Platform Inc. announced the 100% takeover of Munich-based startup Presize – an article by Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh. By  Editorial staff

“There will be massive competition for more traditional fashion players who didn’t scale their e-commerce business,” predicted Stanford graduate Leon Szeli in Presize founding year 2019. © Presize

05/05/2022 – Body-scanning software

Body-scanning software

Let’s talk: Interview with Leon Szeli from Presize

Facebook Corporation Meta Platform Inc. announced the takeover of Presize. textile network correspondent Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh met with Presize CEO, Leon ... By  Editorial staff