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At the Munich Fabric Start, Assyst and its partner companies are showing how Vidya attains the next level of 3D simulation through the integration of digitalized materials © Human Solutions

05/09/2018 – Munichfabricstart


Realism guarantee in 3D with Vidya

Vidya attains the next level of 3D simulation through the integration of digitalized materials. By  Iris Schlomski

Bekanntgabe der Zusammenarbeit von Assyst und X-Rite Pantone auf dem Fashion Forum 2018. Dr. Andreas Seidl, Human Solutions Group, Dr. Tobias Rausch and Dr. Francis Lamy X-Rite Europe GmbH © Human Solutions

18/07/2018 – Human Solutions

Human Solutions

Assyst and X-Rite Pantone announce cooperation

3D is a key technology for the digitalization in the apparel industry – the simulation of clothing offers a lot of opportunities. By  Iris Schlomski

Sara Yeboah, Merve Sen and Arabella Sejdija (Kerschensteinerschule) and Antje Christophersen (Niederrhein University), who accepted the award for Alla Teske © Human Solutions Gruppe

17/07/2018 – Human Solutions

Human Solutions

Fashion in 3D

Young designers show what they can do – they can do it well! By  Iris Schlomski

Europe’s largest 3D mixed reality laboratory “The Elbedome” in Magdeburg’s Port of Science was officially reopened in the presence of over one hundred guests from business, academia, research and government today, May 24, 2018, after extensive upgrading © iff fraunhofer

24/05/2018 – Fraunhofer IFF, Magdeburg

Fraunhofer IFF, Magdeburg


Europe’s Largest 3D Mixed Reality Laboratory Reopens in Magdeburg’s Port of Science. By  Iris Schlomski

The special feature of the Microfactory concept? All the work steps are realized on just a few square meters, so the customer can see it all happening live while his product is created. Here: individual designs were printed on transfer paper © Munich Fabric Start

20/02/2018 – Microfactory - part 3

Microfactory - part 3

The work steps in the Microfactory - Step 2: Printing

The customer has created his desired design – now it’s getting serious, because it’s time for production to start! By  Iris Schlomski

The first step for the apparel industry in the Microfactory is the garment’s individual design on the computer © Human Solutions

01/02/2018 – Microfactory - part 2

Microfactory - part 2

The Worksteps - Step 1: Design

One of the biggest advantages of the Microfactory is its orientation on the customer and the customer’s wishes. By  Iris Schlomski