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Assyst launches new photorealistic avatars

With the launch of a 3D Vidya module, the new Model Suite, Assyst is closing the last gap to enable the digital sales of fashion.


Displaying avatars with apparel in 3D Vidya is made possible by the new V-RAY renderer and PathTracer technology, which guarantee top-drawer performance and deliver photorealistic images in real time. © Assyst


Assyst is marketing a new generation of avatars together with the company Verce GmbH from Wuppertal. These cutting-edge avatars will enable the fashion industry to develop and photorealistically display apparel in an end-to-end way right through to sales – a significant step in marketing fashion products and tackling the topics of competition, price elasticity, the supply chain and sustainability. The decisive factor in the new Model Suite is its integration with 3D Vidya, which has been the leading simulation tool for many years.

The right model

Assyst’s new Model Suite is divided into different levels, depending on which process step is currently involved in product development.

  • BaseModel: The BaseModel represents the starting point of the Model Suite and acts as a 3D fashion manikin in the computer. It is mainly used as a foundation for the individual development of a fitting avatar for fit assurance and serves as a permanent basis for all model developments. The BaseModel has no textures and no character details.

  • ShapeModel: The ShapeModel is a virtual fitting avatar for the sophisticated simulation of apparel. With a high degree of realism and optimized for real-time usage scenarios, it represents the image of a human character with textures, hair and natural details. The Custom version of the ShapeModel also allows you to equip the avatar with individual body measurements of a specific size to match brand specifications (for example, if the brand is mainly aimed ata very athletic target group and specific dimension details are required on the upper arms). You can even go one step further with the Signature version and create an individual avatar development that matches specific dimensions and the definition of the brand shape using individual body details, for instance.

  • TwinModel: The TwinModel is the digital twin of the ShapeModel. It creates a basis for integrated development and end-to-end content production in unique quality. The TwinModel is the representation of a human character, including high-quality textures, hair and natural details. A TwinModel can also display virtual apparel in photorealistic quality in 3D Vidya.

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