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Digital solutions from a single source

The Human Solutions Group offers digital solutions that are tailored to the needs of the industry and perfectly aligned with one another. T


The Human Solutions Group offers digital solutions that are tailored to the needs of the industry (Photo: Human Solutions)


“More and more companies in the textile and fashion industry are striving to keep the entire value chain in their own hands, from the procurement of the materials and manufacture of the product to sales”, says Dr. Andreas Seidl, CEO of the Human Solutions Group. He is convinced: “Digital solutions not only contribute to increased productivity, they also drive the flow of information and facilitate the integration of online shops.”

In-depth expertise for clothing sizes

For the Human Solutions Group, the starting point for the production process in the apparel industry is defining the right target group in the iSize international body dimension portal. Here users will find the comprehensive data of many international serial measurement surveys and the market shares of different clothing sizes derived from that data. The iSize data enables the interactive analysis and optimization of your company’s own product development and production. Any company that wants to target more markets than Germany alone can obtain in-depth information on ascertaining size ranges for the foreign market. The iSize portal is also continuously updated with new data, like the results of the Italian serial measurement survey “Size Italy” and a data set for ladies “Plus Sizes”. Human Solutions is currently preparing the first comprehensive, representative serial measurement survey performed with bodyscanners for the USA and Canada.

Almost photorealistic – designing in 3D

The 3D simulation software Vidya is also closely linked to iSize. If you design in 3D, you can create and examine several models in parallel. This saves expensive prototypes and the drafts can be altered quickly and easily, especially in the case of internationally-active companies. “3D significantly reduces the time from the first draft to the shop and that really cuts costs. However, the draft has to look as realistic as possible,” says Dr. Seidl. Vidya offers an almost photorealistic simulation with correct body dimensions from iSize, using original CAD cuts and real material parameters. The three-dimensional creation of prototypes makes it possible to simulate a model in different sizes.

Get it done faster and better with PLM

PLM is the heart of development and your stimulus from the first draft to product delivery. “Data management is only the beginning,” says Andreas Seidl. “If you want to be faster, to increase quality and to reduce costs, then you need PLM.” The seamless integration of data and processes gives you even more in terms of efficiency – especially through the integration of satellite systems from CAD to ERP. PLM GoLive by Assyst connects all process elements, integrates central tools such as CAD, Vidya and ERP, helps to optimally organize daily processes and implement strategies in practice – for a seamless process from the first draft to the shop.

It’s the material that matters

Whether in the shop or in an online trading environment, the customer will always choose a garment if it feels really good. You have to be well informed if you want to save on material without compromising on quality. And material savings can have the single biggest impact on your profit margin. The Automarker and Autocost systems were developed to generate the best possible profitability. The right amount of material is determined automatically and several tasks are carried out as if by magic – from optimal material utilization and the calculation of the actual production costs to order communication in different languages and formats. Automarker and Autocost give you a fully integrated process between manufacturers and suppliers, one that goes well beyond the simple placement of a marker.

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