13/09/2022 – Digital fabrics — auf Deutsch lesen

How 3D technologies speed up fabric selling processes

The benefits of digitizing swatches does not only serve the fashion brands’ production pipeline, but also improves customer service and speed.


Vizoo digitizes material samples so that designers can use them directly with their 3D scenes. © Vizoo


As supply chains across the globe are being disrupted due to a variety of complex factors the fashion industry pushes more and more towards digitization. It is about finding solutions that not only make its processes more efficient, but also less dependent on logistical pressures and challenges.

As a consequence, more fashion brands demand digitized materials from their fabric suppliers, while fabric suppliers are adamant at shouldering the costs of fabric digitization on top of their current operational costs.

However, the benefits of digitizing their swatches does not only serve the fashion brands’ production pipeline. When fabric mills leverage digitization, they can expect positive impacts to business in terms of improvements in customer service and speed.

Streamlining fabric selection

After visiting a fabric fair full of physical swatches and selecting fabrics at a supplier’s booth, the designer goes back to the workplace with no fabric in hand to work on the design. The only choice is to wait until their sample swatches are shipped from the manufacturer days if not weeks later.

The most innovative fabric suppliers now offer a digital twin of their fabric along with their physical swatches, freeing the designer from the long waiting time. With the digital material on hand, designers can focus more on their creative process. With digital fabrics of Vizoo, the material supplier can showcase their fabrics applied on sofas, their suede on a shoe, or their jersey on a shirt. True to life previews make it easier for the client to appreciate the product, thus boosting the manufacturer’s sales and marketing capabilities.

  • As a pioneer in the field of 3D material data acquisition, Vizoo offers material digitization technologies. It’s hard- and software is part of many Design- and Material creation processes of well-known brands and fabric mills.