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K-Way: Smart & Sustainable

In addition to being the local market leader in functional outdoor sportswear,K-Way Africa boasts an impressive number of premieres and novelties.


Craftsmanship, knowledge of the making-up for functional clothing paired with a clean design handwriting © Yvonne Heinen


“Gerber’s hardware and software enables K-Way to maximize quality and profitability, ensure consistency and get our products to market faster and smarter” © Yvonne Heinen

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This includes being the first certified Gore-Tex fabricator with heat-sealed seams and also for Sew free technology. Craftsmanship, knowledge of the technical processes for functional clothing such as waterproof seam processing up to 10,000 mm water column have long been congenial paired with a clean design handwriting. This is reflected in a rather narrow silhouette, currently rather simple, waiving patches & Co. K-Way. Typical are individual color ranges with cleverly set accents. Down remains important at K-Way indeed. Whereby, alternatives to the questionable use of the lower plumage of geese and ducks are recently getting evaluated intensively.

 Around 500,000 pieces of clothing are produced every year. The retail price ranges are between ZAR 300 (Euro 20) and ZAR 5,000 (Euro 350), for example for products from the K-Way Antarctic Expedition Program.

 Sales are made exclusively via the company´s own trading channel under the umbrella of the Cape Union Mart Group. These include Old Khaki, Poetry, Tread + Miller, Keedo and the flagship stores designed specifically for the entire outdoor area of Cape Union Mart, which also has branches in Namibia and Botswana a total of five retail chains. K-Way apparel, also under branded equipment, represents the top-selling retail brand in the group, with a total of 250 stores.

Through the whole process with Gerber

To describe the longstanding partnership with their automation solutions provider Bobby Fairlamb uses a metaphor: “Gerber Technology is very much part of the fabric of our business”. This goes for the cutting of a wide variety from PTFE fleece to coated or laminated materials on the two GTxL or the newer cutter, Paragon® K-Way began using pattern design and marking system by world marketing leader with worldwide sales and service network in the mid-nineties, supported locally by Gerber’s long-standing partner Intamarket. Today the manufacturer utilizes the full range of Gerber’s integrated software also for grading, automatic nesting with AccuNest, and hardware solutions. “Those technologies enable K-Way to maximize quality and profitability, ensure consistency and get our products to market faster and smarter”, summarizes Bobby. In addition one remains in constant communication with the Gerber experts to also benefit from latest options towards further digitalization as per the organizations demands, he rolled out.

Read the complete article by Yvonne Heinen about this amazing company in our printed issue textile network 3-4 (which will be published on 22th March 2018)