12/07/2021 – Digitalization of the supply chain — auf Deutsch lesen

Özak Tekstil relies on Gerber Technology

Özak Tekstil invests in the new Gerber Atria Digital Cutter and leapfrogs towards supply chain digitalization with Glengo and Gerber Technology.


The innovative, digital cutting solution with the Gerber Atria Digital Cutter will contribute to the smooth and problem free management of supply chain from order to production by enabling Özak Tekstil to easily adapt to the sudden changes and uncertainties in the current business conditions. © Gerber Technology


For more than 20 years, Özak Tekstil has partnered with Gerber Technology and their Turkish distributor, Glengo, to transform their supply chain by integrating the latest technology so they can offer their customers the best quality and lead time. The denim and knitwear manufacturer is once again relying on their trusted technology partners to revolutionize their supply chain by investing in Gerber’s latest innovation, the Gerber Atria Digital Cutter.

The innovative, digital cutting solution will empower Özak Tekstil to remain competitive by helping them meet customer expectations when it comes to quality, price and time to market. The Atria cutter will also allow Özak Tekstil to shorten the production cycle while improving the overall quality of their final product, allowing them to better serve global premium brand names.

  • To survive in the denim and knitwear sector, Özak Tekstil understands how strategic it is to digitally transform in order to meet consumer expectations, such as quality and speed. With over 30 years of experience, Özak Tekstil had already been leveraging technology from design through the final product to cut 6,000,000 pieces per year.

Mehmet Aykut Vural, CEO of Glengo:

“Turkey could not manage the pandemic as well as other countries, but we are glad to see many European countries recovering as Europe is 70%+ of Turkey’s export. Gerber Technology has always been the leader in cutting technology but the Atria is by far the best cutter they have ever introduced and will be a great asset for recovery in the European market.”

Güven Yalvaç, Production Manager at Özak Tekstil:

“We had already been working with Gerber and Glengo so we were pleased to see they were now offering a digital cutting solution that could cut high plies with maximum precision at a never before seen speed. It is extremely important for us to have Gerber and Glengo as partners in order to get continuous, timely support and ensure our machine is always up and running.”

The Atria cutter provides a more efficient and sustainable production environment for manufacturers with its ecosystem of software and hardware solutions. Since integrating the Atria, Özak Tekstil has seen significant throughput increases and a reduction in the number of markers, which has reduced cutting costs, opened the spreading table and enabled greater production.

  • About Glengo Technology: Glengo Technology was established in 1986 in Istanbul and has represented Gerber Technology since then. The company has established locations all over Turkey in order to be close to their customers. Apart from their head office in Istanbul, Glengo Technology has offices in Izmir, Bursa, Ankara and personnel who can provide training and technical support in Denizli, Kayseri, Malatya, Adana, Urfa, Ordu. In addition to its marketing activities, Glengo Technology also provides training for the users of the products sold and maintenance and technical support of the systems in use.

  • About Özak Tekstil: Founded in 1985 by the Akbalik family, Özak Tekstil has become one of the biggest ready-made clothing production companies in Turkey. This was made possible thanks to the company’s innovative and sustainable policies it has embraced, which is to always produce something better, since its creation. Providing high-quality products and services, Özak Tekstil has been producing denim and non-denim products for the world’s leading denim brands. Exporting almost 6,500,000 products a year, Özak Tekstil carries out its production in a closed area of 48,000 sqm at its Istanbul, Malatya, and Sanliurfa factories with a total of 2,100 employees using state-of-the-art technology systems.

  • About Gerber Technology: Gerber Technology delivers industry-leading software and automation solutions that help apparel and industrial customers improve their manufacturing and design processes and more effectively manage and connect the supply chain, from product development and production to retail and the end customer. With customers in 134 countries, Gerber Technology has a global team of experts to support companies in apparel and accessories, personal protective equipment, home and leisure, transportation, packaging and sign and graphics industries.