18/10/2023 – Tonello at Kingspin

Curtain up for “From deep white to pure indigo”

On October 18th-19th, 2023, Tonello returns to Kingpins with an innovative showcase of garment finishing technologies and partnerships that are set to redefine the future of denim. Their booth is a captivating three-act spectacle:


© Tonello


© Tonello

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Act 1: “Dye Mate”, the ozone, the laser

“Dye Mate”, a patent-pending technology by Tonello, takes traditional indigo garment dyeing to the next level. This automatic, efficient, and sustainable process occurs in a nitrogen atmosphere, producing results reminiscent of authentic vintage denim. The collection will feature garments with super bleach effects achieved through advanced ozone technologies, eliminating harmful chemicals for sustainable and healthy production. Additionally, unique details such as natural overdyeing, ultra-thin graphics, and perfect breakages, all achieved with the laser lab, add a distinctive aesthetic to the collection.

Act 2: Collections, design, collaborations

Tonello presents the MSP – Most Sustainable Product – collection, a joint effort with Kingpins and Denim House, featuring responsible finishing technologies. Designed by Piero Turk and Serena Conti. The one denim project focuses on resource optimization in denim production, demonstrating how a single fabric can yield multiple new denim garments. Collaborating with Sharabati Denim, the collection exemplifies eco-conscious denim manufacturing.

Act 3: “Sa-ke”, the purpose for doing something

“Sa-ke” is a creative fusion between Tonello`s technology and the artistic vision of British designers Sadia Rafique and Kelly Harrington. This project brings forth 70 captivating artworks showcased at Kingpins and in a book-zine. The artworks represent a blend of technology, expressive research, and innovative image generation on denim fabrics.

Tonello`s presence at Kingpins 2023 promises to push the boundaries of garment finishing and sustainability, offering a glimpse into the future of denim production