07/09/2018 – Salmon leather — auf Deutsch lesen

Exotic skins from the sea

Sometimes great business ideas happen by accident. Bischofmais was the headquarters of one of Germany’s largest producers of smoked salmon.


There are numerous ways of using salmon leather creatively © Nanai


Nanai is a new material suitable for luxurious, exotic leather products manufactured with traditional, almost forgotten natural tanning processes © Nanai


Not surprisingly, vast amounts of fish skin were discarded every day. One day, management decided to reduce or avoid waste where possible and looked for an alternative use for its salmon skins. This led to the founding of Salmo Leather GmbH in Weida in 2006, which would go on to process the salmon skins that would otherwise go to waste.

The aim of this project was to process large amounts of salmon skins using environmentally friendly methods. The company decided to dub their salmon leather Nanai, which is the name of a Siberian tribe that has been tanning salmon skins for millennia.

Read the complete article and more about leather by Sonja Langer-Korsch in the print issue textile network 9-10 2018 which appears on 30th August 2018.

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