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Texworld Paris - The lectures will be held in the Agora Apparel area from 14.00 to 17.00 hrs on 17 September © Messe Frankfurt

14/09/2018 – Texworld


Fashionsustain goes Texworld Paris

The Fashionsustain conference on 17 September at Texworld Paris shows a spin-off focusing on sustainable shoe and leather innovations. By  Iris Schlomski

Example – fish leather, lacquered and printed © Schlomski

13/09/2018 – Australia


Fish leather as a business idea

The light blue corrugated halls of an industrial estate in Esperance, south-west Australia, are home to the country’s only maker of fish skin leather. By  Editorial staff

There are numerous ways of using salmon leather creatively © Nanai

07/09/2018 – Salmon leather

Salmon leather

Exotic skins from the sea

Sometimes great business ideas happen by accident. Bischofmais was the headquarters of one of Germany’s largest producers of smoked salmon. By  Editorial staff

Olive grove – a sustainable tanning agent is derived from the leaves of the olive trees © wet-green GmbH

05/09/2018 – wet-green GmbH

wet-green GmbH

Olive leather from Reutlingen

“Every effort to make the production of leather less harmful to people and the environment is respectable,” say wet-green. “That’s not enough for us!” By  Editorial staff

The Pfaff 3587 is the one and only in the world which performs 3,200 s.p.m. with intermittent © Pfaff

The Pfaff 3587 CNC-large-area computer stitcher with a sewing area of 500 x 300 mm offers high process reliability and production By  Iris Schlomski

Extraction of samples for chemical analysis © PFI

17/10/2017 – PFI Turns 60

PFI Turns 60

In the beginning was the leather shoe

The success story of the Test and Research Institute Pirmasens (PFI) with a major focus on research and materials testing rests on footwear and leather. ... By  Iris Schlomski

Take care: this ‘Genuine leather’ mark is protected © Iris Schlomski

The ‘Genuine leather’ symbol introduced in 1973 has gained high awareness levels in the trade and among consumers in Europe and America. By  Iris Schlomski