12/01/2022 – Cutting systems

Any tools for any textile

The tooling range of Blackman and White, a manufacturer of industrial cutting machines, covers all applications from cutting, marking, scanning and punching.


The Genesis-V CNC machine is a robust and quick conveyorised cutting system with a versatile range of tooling options. © Blackman and White


Recently Blackman and White has seen a large demand for 3.2 and 5-meter wide conveyor systems, some with both laser and blade technologies on one tool head eliminating the need for tool changes. The tooling range of the company covers all applications from cutting, marking, scanning and punching.

The new scanning system scans the outer contour of the print and then simultaneously creates a trace, applies the cut path and cuts all the relevant parts in line with the print without the need for any CAD operations. With a new in-house software team the speed of moving files though the workflow and preparation stages has become simple and fast. Offering material pre-sets, custom importers and vast support of third-party file formats, Zebra Cut is a true one stop shop for digital cutting.

Furthermore, the company can now produce 5-meter wide static or conveyor tables and for the applications which require a flatbed approach, they have made machines over 30 meters long for bespoke projects. Their tooling range is now fully adaptable and future proof making upgrades and tool changes simple and cost-effective. The manufacturing process gives the ability to create bespoke solutions and together with the customer’s concept and vast experience they can deliver the perfect solution.

  • Blackman and White have been supporting textile applications since 1964 with cutting systems and a bespoke machine option for more creative applications. Under one roof they have CAD, Digitising, Nesting, Projection, Workflow and Vision software solutions. As well as three machines from static to conveyor, entry-level to high-end which allows them to convert almost all roll and sheet materials into finished parts.