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Taking the leap: investing in digital textile printing to drive business forward

How X-Print & Shirtee manage to deliver jobs within 24 to 48 hours while fulfilling more than 500,000 orders per year – Want to hear their success story?


Nino Beonder © Kornit


Kornit-system at Shirtee © Kornit


Boender & Beutel GMbH, based in Cologne, Germany, has been offering textile finishing at the highest level with its X-Print & Shirtee brands since 2007. 

Nino Boender, one of the CEOs of X-Print & Shirtee, talks to us about their company. “Philip and I have two brands: X-Print and Shirtee. For X-Print, we do most of the work with screen printing and embroidery for companies and agencies requesting jobs of more than 50 pieces in one order. For Shirtee, we have a crowdfunding platform where designers can upload their designs and can earn money with the platform. There, we print on-demand with direct-to-garment systems.”

Meeting customer needs with high quality standards, speed, and 100% reliability

He goes on and explains how the Shirtee brand has developed over the past few years: “We recognized our customers did not want to wait longer than 3-5 days for a product, so we thought of buying a direct-to-garment system. We initially purchased a second-hand printer from Kornit. But only a few months later, we saw the business growing so fast that we bought our first brand-new Kornit Storm Hexa, and then another two Avalanche HD6 systems. We are now equipped with the latest Kornit DTG technology so we can meet our high standards of quality, speed, and short-term delivery, as well as offering 100% reliability to our customers.”

The brand has steadily increased its DTG capacity in recent years, with the original fleet of three Kornit Storm systems supplemented by four Avalanche HD6 systems, and most recently an Avalanche Poly Pro system; they were one of the first European operations to implement Kornit’s NeoPoly technology for polyester and poly-blend sportswear and athleisure apparel.

Why did you choose Kornit over the competition?

Here is what Nino reveals to us: “We also compared Kornit solutions with other competitive printers, but what convinced us with Kornit are the automated printing workflow software and also the wetting solution that is applied automatically during the pre-treatment process directly onto the printed area. The Kornit systems are just so easy to operate.”

How easy is to use the Kornit Avalanche HD6 system?

Nino adds that having the Kornit Avalanche HD6 has made their life easier: “We have more than 500,000 orders per year and the Kornit Avalanche HD6 systems give us the most possible output. Every day, we work in two shifts on two machines, and we can deliver within one or two days.”

What features do you like the most?

“The workflow, flexibility, ease of use, fast output, and good print quality when it comes out of the printer. When you grow so fast, you should have a trustworthy partnership with your hardware supplier and we certainly have found our perfect growth business partner in Kornit.”

He concludes: “With the production speed we have now, we are able to meet customer demand, and with Kornit’s help, we can see this side of the business grow further. We look forward to our continued partnership in the future.”

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