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16/11/2016 – Krüger Kleidung — auf Deutsch lesen

From traditional retailer to omni-channel trader

Krüger Kleidung, a German fashion house specialising in country and traditional fashion, has repositioned itself, advancing from a mail order company with a flagship store in Steinheim, Germany, to an omni-channel trader.


From left to right: Josef Krüger, Sabine Stuke, Daniel Josef Krüger (Photos: Krüger)


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When they entered the managerial echelons of Krüger Kleidung, siblings Daniel Krüger and Sabine Stuke were faced with the challenge of equipping the company for the future. The objective was to attract new consumer groups whilst holding onto their existing customers. And so it was that a new idea was born. The goal was to create target group shops that evolved organically from the core business of traditional country fashion and special collections for outsizes. “The aim was to position ourselves in separate, clearly defined markets,” says Daniel Krüger. "The era of catalogue shopping is gradually drawing to an end as younger customers gravitate towards online shopping rather that leafing through catalogues. We were finding it impossible to reach all our target groups with a single approach and so we came up with our target group concept, involving different online stores.”

Limited resources and the complexities of developing and realising digital distribution channels led Krüger to find a full-service partner in w&co MediaServices. The media services provider was charged with advising the company in all things e-commerce and online marketing whilst providing the necessary long-term services from a single source. Krüger’s first challenge was to carve out a distinctive place in the market for its five online stores designed for different target groups – not only in terms of content, but also branding, and coordinated customer services and assistance. Secondly, Krüger was eager to ensure that the development and operation of the online shops would be sustainable and economically viable as part of an holistic omni-channel marketing strategy. Ultimately, the established mail order business, the retail stores and the growing e-commerce operations were to be united within a coherent sales and brand strategy.

The complete article you can read in our print issue 11-12/2016.

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