The fibers are pressed through spinning nozzles. The nozzles are located at the upper end of the spinning shaft of the plant. © Fraunhofer ITWM

05/09/2022 – Virtual spinning

Virtual spinning

Faster spinning thanks to simulation

The Fraunhofer ITWM is developing a simulation software that virtually maps and examines a wide range of spinning processes. By  Sibylle Michel

Zufriedene Mienen am Morgan Tecnica-Stand: Die Geschwister Giachetti – Generaldirektorin und CAD-Verantwortliche Federica Giachetti und Fabrizio Giachetti, CEO. © Morgan Tecnica

29/06/2022 – Premiere für MadeInMorgan-CAD

Premiere für MadeInMorgan-CAD

Morgan punktet mit Mastermind-Konzept

Morgan Tecnicas Messekonzept manifestierte in Frankfurt seine entlang der „Fusions-Linie“ seit rund zwei Jahren konsequent umgesetzte Integration im Zuschnittprozess. By  Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh

Eton’s automated technology has had a great impact on the productivity of thousands of garment production lines. © Eton

21/06/2022 – Techtextil / Texprocess: Members of TMAS

Techtextil / Texprocess: Members of TMAS

TMAS technologies showcased in Frankfurt

At Texprocess, Techtextil and Heimtextil members of the Swedish Textile Machinery Association showcase a range of solutions aligning with the growing trend ... By  Editorial staff

sedApta Suite is a software and hardware solution to optimize processes across the supply chain. © sedApta

10/06/2022 – Texprocess: sedApta

Texprocess: sedApta

Active support of the S&OP ecosystem in the fashion industry

The growing importance of e-commerce is having a significant impact on the fashion and luxury industry. By  Sibylle Michel

Ralf Duester, member of Setlog’s board of directors: “With OSCA, our customers have a user-friendly, digital tool with which they can master the complexity of topics such as CSR, supplier management, purchasing, logistics and quality control.” © Setlog

09/06/2022 – Texprocess: Setlog

Texprocess: Setlog

Software solution for a transparent supply chain

Software company Setlog will present its enhanced SCM software OSCA at Texprocess. In Hall 8.0 Booth B95, the supply chain experts will demonstrate the ... By  Sibylle Michel

Antonia Gottschalk (outside left) and Max Kürig (outside right) from the KM.ON management team are pleased to have Christian Zarbl (2nd from left) and Bartho Schulte from Digitale Strickmanufaktur on board. © Karl Mayer

08/06/2022 – Software


Karl Mayer expands its digital offering

KM.ON acquired the cloud technology developed by Digitale Strickmanufaktur, thus, expanding its portfolio of cloud solutions for textiles. By  Sibylle Michel

Die Entwickler haben zahlreiche neue Features in die Mind-Software von Zünd gepackt. © Zünd

12/05/2022 – Digitaler Zuschnitt

Digitaler Zuschnitt

Mind-Software mit neuen Funktionen

Zünd Systemtechnik hat die Mind-Software mit neuen Funktionen ausgestattet, die Leder- und Textilverarbeitern den digitalisierten Zuschnitt erleichtern. By  Sibylle Michel