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06/07/2018 – Gerber Technology

Happypunt with a new target

Located in Mataró and founded in 1996, Happypunt is a full-service design, development and manufacturer of womenswear. The new target: Fast Fashion!


Happypunt Delivers Fast Fashion by Implementing Gerber’s PLM and 3D Digital Solutions © Happypunt/Gerber Technology


Fast fashion can be slowed down by the physical sampling process. Additionally, the costs of samples are a continued concern in the fashion and apparel industry. “The implementation of Gerber’s AccuMark 3D and YuniquePLM will help us to address consumer trends immediately, making sure to have the right style with the correct fit as demand changes,” said Marta Bosch, chief operation officer at Happypunt.

Located near Barcelona

Located in Mataró, Spain, and founded in 1996, Happypunt is a full-service design, development and manufacturer of womenswear. Happypunt is utilizing Gerber’s software Digital Solutions to help them reduce costs and time to market and integrate with their ERP system to provide efficiency in design and prototyping of their products. “We expect a relevant reduction in samples that would directly affect our manufacturing costs,” continued Bosch.

Happypunt has been using AccuMark pattern design, grading, marker making and production software since 2013. By adding AccuMark 3D and YuniquePLM, they achieve the additional benefits of seamless data transfer from one program to another, decreasing design time of products.

“We are excited to help Happypunt connect their workflow to address the fast fashion needs and cycle,” said Bill Brewster, vice president and general manager, enterprise software solutions for Gerber Technology. “Connectivity is a key tenet of our Digital Solutions to helpcompanies achieve their Industry 4.0 goals.”