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16/10/2018 – Tencel Denim — auf Deutsch lesen

Juan Carlos Gordillo – 100% eco-oriented

The collection Discover by Juan Carlos Gordillo features special creations made with Tencel Denim.


The Discover collection arises from the will to escape on a trip on Route 66. © Lenzing


So radically connected to timeless spaces, yet so genuine to be the closest interpretation of the contemporary self-confident woman. Discover is the new womenswear collection created by Juan Carlos Gordillo, and it is first and foremost a call to explore ourselves and to be consciously aware of the world around us, opening up to uncharted fashion sceneries.

Pure and eclectic style

This is a pure and eclectic style that characterizes the young and talented Guatemalan designer. His view does not follow trends: everything is down to his creative instincts, which are deeply routed in a passion for countrystyle aesthetics and in a true commitment to leave the world better than we found it.

Responsibility at its Core

This care clearly stands out if we look at the materials the designer chose for his creations. Discover is 100% eco-oriented: out of the 30 outfits of the collection, 15 are made with recycled fabrics and 15 also contain Tencel Denim, high-quality fibers created by Lenzing Group, with headquarters in Austria, and derived from sustainable wood sources – natural forests and sustainably managed tree farms. Born from nature with a durable yet silky-soft texture, fabrics made with Tencel Denim provide an elegant look with a luxurious

touch, while being perfectly tailored to a sustainable lifestyle. The cellulosic fibers of botanic origin renowned for their exceptional smoothness, softness and for their environmentally responsible production process.

“Tencel Denim was the right choice for me because it proves that eco-fashion doesn’t need to compromise on its look and style”, claims Juan Carlos Gordillo, “and the most important thing is that in this way I have the guarantee that I am working with a fabric that was made with a process friendly to the environment.”

Responsibilty in fashion

Tricia Carey, Director of Global Business Development for Denim at Lenzing Group: “The demand for responsibility in fashion is a fact and it’s amazing to see how creative talents like Juan Carlos Gordillo are taking action towards such a change of mindset. Lenzing Group, by providing Tencel Denim and its other numerous innovations, builds up environmentally responsible, closed loop production processes which transform wood pulp into cellulosic fibers, with high resource efficiency and low environmental impact.”

Juan Carlos Gordillo’s woman

The Discover collection arises from the will to escape on a trip on Route 66. It presents an elegant, modern cowboy-inspired interpretation for the contemporary women, with a strong emotional charge deriving from Latin heritage. Each look is unique: a wise combination of fabrics lives alongside appealing ruffle details, in both tight clothes and oversize garments. Denim shorts, blouses with asymmetrical details, shirt dresses – every part of the collection expresses the true essence of the Juan Carlos Gordillo’s woman.

Grown from the crowdfunding experience

Juan Carlos Gordillo: “Crowdfunding was what supported me to show my talent for the first time in a high-end international fashion arena. I saw that people began to love my work and this was the real engine for me. The road is long, for sure, and sometimes with many obstacles, but I believe that success is not to arrive, success is to continue to be able to show my fashion – my art.”